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IBM adds resellers to its federal cloud portfolio

The vendor has added partners with federal IT experience to help government clients migrate systems to the cloud.

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Paris attacks revive 'going dark' concerns

The terrorist attacks in Paris have rekindled a debate in the United States about law enforcement access to end-to-end encryption on mobile devices.

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Administration bows out of classified Hill briefing on OPM hack

A scheduled Capitol Hill briefing on the Office of Personnel Management hack didn't happen because of a dispute over transcription.

Will Hurd

Hurd: Feds' cloud security concerns are overblown

Agencies wary of moving to the cloud should look to the CIA's example, congressman says. And "server-huggers will have an uncomfortable time" in front of Congress.

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Governance lags tech on info sharing, CIA's Brennan says

The CIA director warns that the rapid technological improvements in spycraft and information collection have outpaced the ability of worldwide intel agencies to cooperate.

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Why legacy IT is a government time bomb

Antiquated computer systems based on legacy code are a problem for government not just because they are hard to secure, but because it is hard to find people to run them.

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Marine Corps CIO seeks to cordon off network

The uniqueness of the Marine Corps network and the threat of adversaries manipulating data require the Corps to segment parts of its network to make it more defensible, CIO Dennis Crall said.

The new retirement calculator, same as the old retirement calculator?

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released a new tool, but it's basically a facelift for an existing SSA calculator -- and that facelift is kind of the point.

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So many chiefs, so little coordination

The growing number of roles with "chief" in the title are complicating governance and security efforts, especially when they bypass the CIO.

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Why shadow BYOD is your next big problem

Mobile might not be the most serious security risk, but it needs far more attention than it has been getting.

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Cloud is powering enterprise transformation, Verizon report says

The market for cloud services is maturing, and users are leveraging cloud to transform their operations, according to a report from Verizon.

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New Hatch Act rules affect feds on social media, DOT faces cyber audit and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.