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How to report cybersecurity strategies to senior leaders

Government agencies can look to the private sector for the proven elements of a successful executive briefing.

ORNL Single-Photon Source Approach for Quantum Encryption (Photo by Qubitekk)

Oak Ridge licenses its quantum encryption method

A commercial firm hopes to use the technique to help the energy sector protect power-grid data from cyberattacks.

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Re-evaluating the need for 'I' in IoT

A "network of things" might be a better way to describe and categorize elements of connected-device environments.

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ICS-CERT analyzing grid-crippling malware

ICS-CERT is teasing out signatures of a new family of malware to help identify code that targets critical infrastructure.

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A security solution that's simple for government, tough for attackers

Format-preserving encryption can secure legacy systems and new solutions alike.

Shutterstock Image: Navy signal lantern

Navy makes old signals new again

A new project will bring a 200-year-old seaborne communications technology into the current digital ocean.

Shutterstock image (by fotogestoeber): virus infection spreading out in a network.

The enterprise risk management approach to cybersecurity

Better cybersecurity tools are not even half the battle.

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How cloud can take open data to new heights

By removing the storage and transmission barriers, agencies are seeing the use of their datasets explode.

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The future of FOIA

Technology alone has not made FOIA operations more efficient and transparent, so a committee led by the National Archives is working with agencies to improve the process.

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DHS makes mobile security a priority

Mobile security continues to be top priority for the Department of Homeland Security, which has multiple efforts underway to address threats to federal devices.

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To fight fraud, follow the data

Federal program managers are being urged to use data analytics and information sharing to sniff out fraud, abuse and improper payments.

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CBP hopes job app will smooth hiring

Customs and Border Protection is banking that a re-engineered hiring processes and a new mobile app will help the agency recruit new agents and support personnel.