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Legacy IT, legacy acquisition compound cyber risk

"We have architectures and hardware and software in places that is indefensible, no matter how much money and talent we put on it," says White House cyber advisor Michael Daniel.

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CIOs urged to flex their financial muscle

A retired general tells federal CIOs they need to stop wasteful spending before it gets started, and says they could have a powerful ally in their agency CFO.

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Detection test hunts nuclear traces with data

The new nuclear forensics system was tested earlier this summer after a two-year research and development effort.

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So many credentials: 23 certifications in high demand

Here's a list of almost two dozen IT certifications that are in high demand in both government and the private sector.

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Wi-Fi for the Pentagon, Data Act as management tool

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

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Finding the malware needle in the DNS haystack

HP’s new security tool leapfrogs the Homeland Security Department’s malware detection techniques by diving straight into the lifeblood of the Internet: DNS traffic.

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DOD looks to Silicon Valley to automate cyber response

Boosting automated capabilities would make more IT personnel available for other critical jobs, says CIO Terry Halvorsen.


Senate panel mulls update to email access rules

Congress is revisiting a 29-year old law that has been swamped by changes in technology.

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What the military learned from OPM

Civilian agencies have been publicly scouring the OPM breach for lessons, but military cyber leaders are also getting in on the act.

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Adopting new tech can lead to sleepovers

FCC CIO David Bray compared his agency's move to the commercial cloud as akin to Apollo 13 – "everything was cool – at first."

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New CIO plans long-overdue upgrades at Library of Congress

A March GAO report called out five key weaknesses in Library IT, and Bernard A. Barton Jr. hopes to address all of them.

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What are agencies doing with IT money they're saving?

GAO says 24 federal agencies saved $3.6 billion between fiscal 2011 and fiscal 2014, and need to keep better track of how they reinvest those savings.