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theft of SS card

FTC releases online tools to cope with identity theft

The Federal Trade Commission made major renovations to its IdentityTheft.gov website, hoping to help victims recover more quickly.

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No BYOD for Census workers

The Census Bureau has decided against letting enumerators use their own mobile devices for the 2020 count.

Government Accountability Office

GAO report highlights Einstein shortcomings

The Department of Homeland Security's Einstein program has built in limitations that prevent it from detecting previously unknown attack vectors, according to a watchdog report.

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Army cyber chief: Invest in Internet of Things research

"People are connecting stuff to the Internet that we never thought would be connected," said Lt. Gen. Edward Cardon, head of Army Cyber Command.

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Fear of lost privacy costs lives

A former CTO for the Veterans Affairs Department argues for the embrace of electronic health records.

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Lawmakers push for Wi-Fi access at all national parks

Five House Democrats are asking Obama to significantly increase funding for Wi-Fi access at national parks.

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NIST looks to strengthen crypto backbone

NIST is looking to increase trust in the technical underpinnings of encryption, by strengthening cryptographic random bit generators.

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Congress needs to catch up on cybersecurity issues

The chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee said Congress is lagging on issues such as encryption and securing energy grids from cyberattacks.

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U.S. warned of exploit in Ukrainian cyberattacks

The cyberattacks that blacked out power systems in Western Ukraine late last year used techniques very similar to those ICS-CERT warned infrastructure companies about in 2014.

Push for CISA repeal in Senate appears unlikely

In the House, privacy hawks are making a bid to repeal recently passed cybersecurity legislation, but a similar effort doesn't seem to be building in the Senate.

How USDA crowdsourced agricultural data

Armed with $63,000 and Microsoft’s cloud platform, USDA rustled up a new crop of agricultural data dashboards to help secure a sustainable food supply.

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Cautious enthusiasm for OMB's mobile consolidation plan

Federal CIOs and industry analysts see potential savings -- and potential problems -- with an emerging OMB policy that would compel agency IT managers to use GSA's mobile contracts.