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Why law enforcement agencies need to share data

Getting tools and organizations alike to share standardized data is crucial as ever-more data overwhelms law enforcement.

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White House to probe role of AI in government

The White House has announced a series of public workshops on artificial intelligence and machine learning and will explore how AI can improve the delivery of government services.

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Delivering citizen services with one weird trick

Federal website designers might be surprised by what users want once they use analytics to actually measure users' desires.

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A web of FedRAMP collaboration

Agencies are leveraging each other's cloud service authorization efforts -- some more than others. Here's what FedRAMP sharing looks like.

White House techies explore the intersection of big data and ethics

A new report examines how big-data applications can uncover discrimination but also encode hidden biases.

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USAID's beta site is meant to look nongovernmental

In a bid to democratize development worldwide, USAID is partnering with other organizations to create a website that doesn't even end in .gov.

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Why bimodal IT is terrible

In an agile world, a two-siloed system is simply wasteful, Forrester analysts argue in a new report.

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New White House guidance charts future of shared services

The Obama administration is looking to make sure its advances on shared services becomes a permanent fixture of government.

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Watchdog: VA benefits system lacks accurate audit logs

An Inspector General report revealed that Veterans Benefits Management System cannot effectively respond to security violations because of deficient audit logs.

DHS Deputy Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas speaks May 3, 2016 at George Washington University

DHS ramping up info-sharing work with industry

DHS is planning new guidance that will help the private sector better share cybersecurity information with the government.

What agencies are asking about FedRAMP

FCW talked with FedRAMP evangelist Ashley Mahan about her role in helping agencies adopt cloud technology.

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What really goes on inside the FedRAMP office

One tiny team is at the center of the federal government’s push for cloud computing — and all the loud, complicated competing interests that go along with it.