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Data center optimization savings falls short

Agencies are reporting far less than the estimated $4 billion in savings by consolidating data centers because of inconsistent reporting and incomplete strategic plans.

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White House to target 'weakest links' in federal networks

The executive order on cybersecurity heralds big changes for federal networks, said the White House cybersecurity coordinator.

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Leaked budget document shows MGT funding in place

A spreadsheet of the Trump administration's 2018 budget request leaked to the group Third Way indicates support for a technology modernization fund.

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$500M IT modernization bill passes House

The Modernizing Government Technology Act passed the House of Representatives on a voice vote, but the Senate outlook is less certain.

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No agencies hit by WannaCry so far

Steps taken in the government's 2015 cyber sprint continue to pay dividends, acting federal CIO says.

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Agencies face static in spectrum relocation

Although the Spectrum Relocation Fund addresses the perennial issue of migrating agencies off of scarce spectrum, more innovation and perseverance is required.

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Why DIUx shouldn't exist

While DIUx is addressing defense innovation and acquisition shortfalls, experts say the need for a procurement acceleration program shows just how broken the acquisition process is.

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Where the MGT money will go

Tech leaders are already planning how to spend the money in the Modernizing Government Technology Act.

NIST's school for cyber

The federal government's standards setter is offering agencies advice on how to implement the cybersecurity framework.

Warner wants updates on feds' software patching

In the wake of the global WannaCry ransomware attacks, one senator wants assurances that the federal government is patching its systems.

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ShadowBrokers threaten to release more NSA tools

The cryptic ShadowBrokers are threatening to release more stolen NSA hacking tools through a new subscription service unless someone buys all the data from them.

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MGT Act headed for House vote with slimmed-down CBO score

The revised IT modernization bill will cost $500 million to implement, according to the Congressional Budget Office.