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U.S. discloses zero-day exploitation practices

The government officially revealed that it uses undisclosed vulnerabilities in commercial software for surveillance and offensive cyber purposes.

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GSA hopes Salesforce BPA leads to other targeted efforts

The new governmentwide Salesforce deal paves the way for other software platform acquisition efforts.

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Bill coming to establish encryption commission

Lawmakers plan legislation to create an encryption commission to make recommendations on how companies and law enforcement can work together.

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Prisoner swap frees Iranian hacker

The release of an Iranian man charged with hacking an American defense firm was a reminder that cyberspace has been a flashpoint in the often-tense U.S./Iran relationship.

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Critical infrastructure sector sees big uptick in breach attempts

The cyber recovery agency ICS-CERT said that attempts to hack into U.S. critical infrastructure were up by 20 percent in fiscal year 2015.

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Think tank to school Hill staffers on cyber

A new nonpartisan Congressional Cybersecurity Lab at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars aims to teach congressional staffers about cybersecurity.

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CBP expands facial recognition program to visa-free travelers

Customs and Border Protection will add first-time Visa Waiver Program travelers and ePassport users to the agency's facial recognition tech deployment.

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A breach is coming -- is your agency ready?

The key to successfully navigating a security breach is to develop a three-pronged, comprehensive incident response process ahead of time.

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Agency demand for wireless explodes

While GSA saw almost $172 million from Connections II wiring and connection contract, demand for wireless is blowing up.

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What's missing in the new NSA report?

The NSA released a required report on surveillance transparency, but many questions remain unanswered about how the spy agency is querying vast troves of telephonic metadata.

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Counting on innovation for census 2020

The woman leading the 2020 enumeration of the American population says well-laid plans will be the key to success.

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Three more agencies hiring for cyber leader jobs

NASA, USDA's inspector general and VA are seeking to fill senior IT positions, adding to the growing list of IT job openings in government.