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FEC seeks to demystify campaign finance data with betaFEC

The Federal Election Commission launched betaFEC, an interactive website aimed at making campaign finance information easier to understand.

HHS seeks innovative tech for disease surveillance, new bill targets tax delinquent feds and more

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How telework breeds loneliness for the office-dwellers left behind

Telework is great for those who need it and can capitalize on distributed work. But a new study shows the morale of those left behind can suffer as telework programs expand -- and can spark an office exodus rooted in loneliness, not necessity.

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New challenges and old, familiar tools

How can agencies modernize while maintaining necessary legacy IT systems? Oddly enough, the answer might be behind us, not in front of us.

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White House touts new open government goals for 2016

The White House unveiled the latest version of its open government plan, promising more user-friendliness, preemptive disclosure of government information, enhanced online services for Freedom of Information Act requests and more.

DOD's head of Silicon Valley outreach sees post-Sony opening

Last year's hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment put private industry in a mood to do business with the Pentagon, says the head of the Pentagon's Defense Innovation Unit Experimental.

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Cyber complacency, the Pentagon-COTS conundrum, an SES survey and more

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Federal spectrum reallocation included in budget deal

A proposed two-year budget plan would use projected funds from federal spectrum auctions as a way to offset long-term spending.

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IC plans Intelligence.gov as part of transparency effort

U.S. spy agencies are trying to come in from the cold, on a limited basis, under the banner of open government.

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Nontechnical problems doomed joint VA/DOD health record, top official says

Chris Miller, the Pentagon's point man on electronic health records, offers some real talk on why interoperability between DOD and Veterans Affairs is proving so difficult.

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Agricultural data is a new cash crop, but who reaps the harvest?

Farmers and businesses need to hash out property rights and privacy issues as big data pervades American agriculture -- especially if they want to avoid regulation by Congress.

CISA passes Senate, Census seeks CIO and more

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