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Why data privacy is up to developers

Many users lack the tools, knowledge or inclination to control the flow of their data through the Internet of Things, which means developers are responsible for keeping data safe.

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House speaker criticizes IRS cybersecurity

A blog post from Paul Ryan's office blasts the IRS for not fixing its cybersecurity vulnerabilities before tax season.

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Making social media monitoring matter

For an agency to be at the top of its social media game, tracking trends is an important part of the strategy.

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Army releases long-term networking plan

The 2025-2040 plan calls for attention to dynamic computing; more quickly distilling data into actionable information; human cognitive enhancement; robotics and autonomy; and cybersecurity.

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IG: DOD behind on data centers

Consolidating data centers to save money has been a signature initiative of Defense Department CIO Terry Halvorsen, but the DOD inspector general says the department is lagging.

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DOD's Work: Automated data can help beat ISIS

Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work recently returned from Silicon Valley, where he met with an analytics firm that can ingest open-source data and turn it into national security insights.

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White House pushes Congress to pass $3.1B IT modernization fund

The White House is preparing to send Congress more details on its plan for a revolving $3.1 billion IT modernization fund after the House Budget Committee failed to include the measure in the 2017 budget resolution.

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Crowdsourcing the price of everything

To break away from manual price data collection and get a more granular, useful picture of the American economy, the BLS might look to tech being deployed in the developing world.

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Agency IT managers welcome FedRAMP changes

Top federal IT managers and cloud management experts say recent changes to the FedRAMP program could make life easier.

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SEC raises the ante on data transparency

The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking to machine readable data to conduct risk assessment.

Dunford: U.S. has work to do in cyber deterrence

Improvements in identifying hackers, hardening networks and devices, and managing escalation are needed if the U.S. military is to hone its cyber deterrence, said Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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The long war for data standards

Getting the right underpinning governance isn't glamorous, but proponents say hashing out dry details will help unleash data's true potential.