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U.S. official: Russian cyberwarfare getting more sophisticated

Robert Giesler, chief of strategy and plans in the secretary of Defense's Strategic Capabilities Office, believes Russia's use of cyberwarfare has grown more sophisticated, from Estonia in 2007 to Ukraine in 2016.

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Broadcasting Board of Governors lacks cyber reporting system, IG says

The State Department's inspector general criticized the Broadcasting Board of Governors for failing to meet federal standards in cyber incident response.

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Health info is a giant target for hackers

A new report recommends that the health care sector carefully vet third-party service providers and limit their access to critical systems.

Senate panel complains of slow progress at DHS on biometric exit tracking

Lawmakers grilled officials on the slow pace of progress in setting up a system to gather details on foreign visitors when they leave the U.S.

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Government data is 'weird'

The mandated dive into government data is revealing surprising value to agencies, but it comes with rigorous reporting that runs deeper than a typical audit.

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FDA issues draft guidance for medical device vulnerabilities

Security can be built into the design of a product, but risks can surface throughout its life cycle, the agency said in announcing the draft guidance.

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U.S. discloses zero-day exploitation practices

The government officially revealed that it uses undisclosed vulnerabilities in commercial software for surveillance and offensive cyber purposes.

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GSA hopes Salesforce BPA leads to other targeted efforts

The new governmentwide Salesforce deal paves the way for other software platform acquisition efforts.

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Bill coming to establish encryption commission

Lawmakers plan legislation to create an encryption commission to make recommendations on how companies and law enforcement can work together.

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Critical infrastructure sector sees big uptick in breach attempts

The cyber recovery agency ICS-CERT said that attempts to hack into U.S. critical infrastructure were up by 20 percent in fiscal year 2015.

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Prisoner swap frees Iranian hacker

The release of an Iranian man charged with hacking an American defense firm was a reminder that cyberspace has been a flashpoint in the often-tense U.S./Iran relationship.

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Think tank to school Hill staffers on cyber

A new nonpartisan Congressional Cybersecurity Lab at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars aims to teach congressional staffers about cybersecurity.