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Why the Energy Department needs a cyber program

The DOE wants $96 million in fiscal 2019 to fund a cybersecurity office to help manage threats facing the energy grid.

Chris Krebs NPPD undersecretary

Making the case (again) for renaming NPPD

The directorate's name change is about more than a title, say DHS leaders working with critical infrastructure sectors.

Army Gen. Paul Nakasone

Nakasone discusses deterrence, dual-hat structure at confirmation hearing

"Our adversaries have not seen our response in sufficient detail to change their behavior,” the Army general said when asked about previous cyber provocations.

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DHS to launch cloud steering group

The Department of Homeland Security CIO John Zangardi said the agency was setting up a steering group to accelerate cloud adoption.

Eisenhower Executive Office Building (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

OMB issues final MGT Act guidance

The Office of Management and Budget is officially accepting submissions from agencies for funds to modernize their outdated technologies under the Modernizing Government Technology Act.

7 ways to avoid mobile app design failure

GSA takes the lead on making federal websites mobile friendly

Agencies need to start paying attention soon, because the Connective Government Act will require all new sites to optimize for mobile users.

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Could SCOTUS break the cloud?

In oral arguments on a critical data access case, the Supreme Court justices examined whether a 1986 communications privacy statute can be adapted to cloud computing.

Adm. Mike Rogers testifies SASC

Rogers: CyberCom lacks authority, resources to defend all of cyberspace

The outgoing NSA and U.S. Cyber Command chief told lawmakers CyberCom is not sitting on its hands when it comes to potential Russian cyber interference, but it lacks the authority to do more absent additional presidential direction.

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How government data is at risk

Open data advocates and former government employees have concerns about the fate of open government data, in light of budget and budget and staffing cuts and topics facing increased politicization.

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NTIA, DOD look at sharing out federal spectrum for commercial 5G

The government is going to study the possibility of making a 100 megahertz swath of spectrum available for high-speed mobile broadband.

Agency data centers

Cloud vendors eye key Supreme Court case

Microsoft is defending a case involving a 1986 law that will have consequences for cloud vendors and law enforcement no matter how it turns out.

US Congress House side Shutterstock photo ID: 156615524 By mdgn editorial use only

What does the House retirement wave mean for tech?

More than a few committee chairs and members with cyber and technology policy chops are leaving Congress. Will it matter to the govtech space?

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