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OMB updates 12-year-old federal website policy

The Office of Management and Budget is looking for more functionality, security, privacy and oversight of agencies' public-facing websites.

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Is our IT infrastructure crumbling, too?

Moving to IP-based networks is the answer -- if the right tools are deployed to ensure security.

Emily A. Antos

Emily E. Antos

Assistant Program Manager, Engineering Sea Warrior Program, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Atlantic, Department of the Navy

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Why cyber needs to be front and center in the transition

Experts warn that past transitions have ignored the lessons learned by outgoing administrations, and the stakes are so high now that the Trump Administration needs to heed the advice of Obama's cyber officials.

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CTOs can't agree on what CTOs do

What does a federal chief technology officer do? It depends.

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Palantir ruling could tweak Army's innovation track

Two top Army officials reflect on some of the innovation accomplishments of the Obama administration and the challenges that lie ahead for the incoming Trump administration.

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Can government guide industry to better cyber info-sharing?

The NTIA is hoping to nudge industry to improve collaboration on disclosing cyber vulnerabilities.

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ISPs can help thwart DDoS attacks, but authorities may be lacking

As the recent attack on a key internet support company shut down other major online companies, telecom providers were ready to help but faced a legal obstacle.

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HPC: Fueling the government’s next-generation technology programs

Government and industry have an opportunity to democratize high-performance computing by making it more accessible to nontechnical users.

All's quiet on the election cyber front, so far

Despite earlier hacks and official concerns that Russia or others would seek to sabotage the U.S. elections, there was little sign of malicious cyber activity through most of Election Day. But that doesn't mean all is well.

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IG: USPS at risk of unauthorized network access

The U.S. Postal Service does not know how many internet-facing hosts it has, lacks adequate firewall protections and is therefore vulnerable to unwanted network intrusions.

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Scouting new vistas in mind-machine connections

IARPA and Sandia National Labs have joined forces to reverse-engineer the algorithms of the human mind.

The Fed 100

Save the date for 28th annual Federal 100 Awards Gala.

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