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IRS programming glitch costs millions in errant tax refunds

A code error led to the IRS paying out tens of millions in suspect tax refunds that it meant to peg for further examination.

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Build or buy? Critical Census IT decisions loom in 2016

The coming year is full of critical milestones as the Census Bureau prepares for 2020, but fundamental strategy questions remain unanswered.

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Cyber threat agency navigates growing pains

The White House's plan for fusing cyber intelligence after the massive hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment got off to a rocky start, but an insider says agency turf battles that appeared ready to unfold have been quieted.

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Truly committing to innovation and the cloud

Government's success is enabled by using contracting practices that reward rather than discourage new ideas and approaches.

Trinity detonation on July 16, 1945.

Clinton calls for 'Manhattan-like project' on encryption

Clinton has elevated her voice among current and former Obama administration officials warning of the potentially dire consequences of "going dark."

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Can the U.S. push the world to accept cyber norms?

As international cyber norms take shape at a slow pace, experts consider how individual nations can lead, follow and take matters into their own hands.

White House hopes to trim $9B software spend

Can smarter management and detailed reporting requirements help agencies stop overpaying for software?

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FedRAMP issues last call for comments on high-baseline standards

Comments are due Jan. 8 on security standards that would cover sensitive unclassified data.

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NPPD cyber and infrastructure security personnel are side by side

Infrastructure and cybersecurity personnel are now co-located as part of NPPD’s efforts to coordinate cyber and physical threat information.

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Report: Juniper breach has feds worried

A big breach at computer security firm Juniper Networks has federal officials fearing that foreign spies had access to encrypted communications between the U.S. government and the private sector for the last three years, according to a CNN report.

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Protests resolved, GSA launches agile BPA

GSA has resolved protests around its agile Blanket Purchase agreement, added a vendor and can now begin awarding work.

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A bot named for a 'West Wing' character helps onboard 18F's new hires

18F developed a Slack bot named Dolores Landingham that's helping to ease the transition for new employees.

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