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House Democrats question Trump-Russia connections

Senior House Democrats want the FBI to probe Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's ties to "Russian interests" in connection with recent hacks.

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FBI wants deeper conversation on encryption

The head of the FBI wants a less strident discussion about the strong encryption technology that is becoming standard on electronic devices and hampering investigative efforts.

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Lawmakers want cyber on the agenda at the G20 summit in China

Six U.S. lawmakers sent a letter to the president asking him to prioritize a discussion of cyberattacks on financial institutions during his upcoming trip to China.

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Report: Cyber enhances military power -- and vulnerabilities

As the Defense Department increases its reliance on digital capabilities, the Center for a New American Security says the tactical gains come with increased vulnerabilities.

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U.S. and EU need secure threat sharing

The U.S. and the EU are building up their information sharing networks to address the growing threat of global terrorism, and a central challenge is keeping the shared intelligence secure.

Voting machines are critically vulnerable

The U.S. voting infrastructure is potentially easy prey for hackers because of disparate systems and inadequate security, according to a new report.

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USSM builds on shared services

GSA's year-old shared services office laying the groundwork for new marketplace ecosystem.

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How HPCs crunch rivers of water data

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has come up with a way to use its supercomputing power to speed the sprawling data analysis associated with extremely complex public works.

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How to construct tomorrow's information management professional

The government lacks the workforce to handle the exponential growth of information and information assets.

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Convincing your team to buy into the cloud

A can-do spirit has enabled the FCC to make a dramatic leap forward in IT modernization. What could this mean for your IT shop?

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Report: DOD must embrace open-source software

In a new report, the Center for a New American Security makes the case that DOD is failing to capitalize on the power of open-source software.

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Officials: Yearly budgeting stifles cybersecurity

Current and former officials argue that a one-year budgeting cycle impedes government cybersecurity and IT modernization.

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