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Trump pushes plan to privatize air traffic control

The White House is backing long-held plans to privatize air traffic control operations to jumpstart progress on a massive technology upgrade.

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USAF secretary calls for more research and innovation

New Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson says that in addition to pressing readiness and modernization needs, the service must prioritize innovation, research and realigning the cyber workforce.

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New visa vetting to include social media handles

The State Department is starting to collect social media information from certain visa applicants deemed risky.

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AT&T seeks tough standards for FirstNet opt-outs

Telecom providers argue about the role and impact of state-run networks on FirstNet's nationwide public safety broadband network.

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Prudence over panic

A seasoned CISO explains why focusing too much on zero-days can distract from older vulnerabilities.

FDIC dinged again for inadequate infosec

GAO finds that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation needs to improve its information security controls, and do more to separate its financial systems from the rest of its network.

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DISA says funding cut won’t slow new background check system

DISA is in the process of developing a new IT platform for federal background investigations, and despite a one-third cut in proposed funding for 2018, the agency says it has the needed budget.

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DHS: WannaCry could linger

The virulent ransomware could worm its way into day-to-day business operations of critical infrastructure providers, DHS warned.

Is government handling zero-days all wrong?

A former cybersecurity advisor to Bush and Obama thinks the Vulnerability Equities Process has its disclosure priorities backwards.

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What's slowing down DOD's data center consolidation?

The Defense Department is working through a variety of barriers, including legacy tech and cloud requirements, as it continues its effort to consolidate data centers.

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CyberCom mission forces continue to evolve

While the 133 teams of DOD Cyber Mission forces have reached initial operating capability, their organization, equipment and deployment structures continue to develop and change.

ShadowBrokers launch subscription service for stolen NSA tools

The enigmatic ShadowBrokers have launched a new subscription service in their latest attempt to monetize stolen NSA hacking tools.

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