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The Internet's watchmen applaud privacy

Security pros demonstrated that they, too, value privacy as they listened to a debate between a former NSA chief and one of the world's foremost privacy advocates.

E-mail circling the globe

Help desk at State pinged Clinton's private email address

A State Department IT worker stumbled on Hillary Clinton's private email address in 2010, and wrote a note to Clinton about a possible glitch.

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Data Act standards, a deputy CIO opening and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

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OPM awards $133 million ID protection contract

The Office of Personnel Management and the Pentagon have awarded a $133 million contract to Identity Theft Guard Solutions LLC for identity theft protection for the millions hit by the OPM breach.

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It's 2015. Do you know where your data is?

Remote access of data is a beautiful and dangerous thing. When it comes to cloud and mobile, feds could take a breather and collect strategies instead of rushing headlong into the year-end spend-a-palooza.

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After the breach: 21.5 million exposed individuals still waiting

Feds have blown past the August deadlines for OPM breach notifications they now say they “never intended” to meet.

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FAA has looked at clouds from both sides now

A 10-year, $108 million deal with CSC Government Solutions will also include Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and other cloud providers.

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NASA AI to power first-responder tech

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory is working on lightweight artificial intelligence software to give situational awareness and decision support to first responders.

Records management: Are agencies getting full return on information?

A recent survey found that only 33 percent of federal employees are very confident in current records programs.

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Why end-user device controls are critical

The FTC's chief technologist recently had his laptop stolen. What happened next shows just how valuable end-user privacy and security controls can be.

FirstNet woos potential bidders

With initial funding and spectrum secured, the public safety broadband network must actually start building soon. And that will require the cooperation of telecom firms.

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DOD pledges $75M for hybrid electronics

The Defense Department is awarding a grant for manufacturing hybrid electronics to a consortium of firms, universities and nonprofits.

The Fed 100

Nominations for the 2016 Federal 100 Awards are now being accepted. 

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