Government 2.0

How online games could make government more accessible

Some communications experts say that Web-based games could help more people get a better grasp on the workings of government.

Rosetta Stone for corporate IDs would simplify accountability

ORGPedia aims to ease the exchange of data between existing systems used to track political contributions.

What CIOs are most worried about

TechAmerica and Grant Thornton culled information from 46 CIOs at 35 federal departments, agencies, programs and congressional oversight groups.

House panel probes White House staff's storing of mobile device messages

A senior White House official testified on systems in place for automatically capturing all e-mail messages at the office, but a lawmaker suggested some staffers may be bypassing that system by using personal mobile devices.

News of bin Laden's death a landmark social networking event

Media reports show how networking technology, which bin Laden conspicuously avoided, shaped coverage of the event.

SSA: The check is not in the mail

The Treasury Department and Social Security Administration have begun requiring new applicants for retirement benefits to sign up for electronic payments or debit cards only.

Ted Schadler

Why the blurry work/life boundary is not a bad thing

Individuals who can manage the many facets of their personal lives while getting their work done are more likely to be productive employees, writes Ted Schadler, a vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research.

Application for iPhone keeps tabs on stimulus spending

New mobile application keeps tabs on economic stimulus law projects reinvestment projects.

Obama orders agencies to improve customer service

President Barack Obama tells agencies to develop customer service plans with at least one major technology initiative for each agency.

OMB tells agencies to cancel print subscriptions to Federal Register

Agencies have been told to stop subscribing to the print edition of the government's journal, the Federal Register.

Senator worried about cutting transparency programs

Sen. Tom Carper is worried that Congress' budget reduction to open-government programs such as and the Federal IT Dashboard may hurt efforts to curb improper payments and wasteful spending.

Federal transparency clouded in uncertainty

The proposed budget cuts that would shutter sparked a debate about what would be lost.

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