Government 2.0

Alan Balutis

For CIOs, tight budgets have a silver lining

Fiscal pressures provide CIOs with an opportunity to prove their value, writes Alan Balutis.

Government accountability: Keeping an eye on the big picture

As agencies update their open-gov plans, they are overlooking some of the most basic transparency tools.

State Department's e-diplomacy efforts outpace other nations'

The State Department is the world's leading user of technology tools for diplomacy, according to a new think tank study.

Justice role in FOIA gets new scrutiny

The Justice Department is again facing allegations that it may be attempting to interfere with other agency FOIA activities.

Agencies struggle with transparency compliance

Federal agencies gear up for another revision of their open government plans, but how many will follow through?

Federal agencies faced surge of FOIA requests last year

The Obama administration performed better on FOIA in 2011, but still struggled to keep up with demand.

Katherine Spivey

The secret to good communication, plain and simple

GSA's Katherine Spivey makes a strong case for improving how agencies communicate with the public.

United States drops in global e-government ranking

The United States dropped down in the global e-government rankings according to a new survey by the United Nations.

Federal mobility, Web reform strategies to be consolidated

Government IT officials plan on merging federal mobility ad Web reforms into one guidance.

Transparency on government spending: The missing links

Data on spending is available through existing programs, but gaps make it difficult to get the kind of details that many people would like.

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