Health IT

Is open source the cure for what ails VA's e-records?

An industry group convened by VA CIO Roger Baker is advising that VistA move to an open source platform and phase out MUMPS.

Health IT gets a $220M funding transfusion

The Health and Human Services Department will give 15 nonprofit organizations $220 million for health IT pilot projects.

IT included in Sebelius' top priorities for HHS

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius released her top strategic initiatives for the department, which include health IT elements.

HHS releases rule on insurance Web portal

The Health and Human Services Department has released an interim final rule on a new Web portal for information to allow consumers to compare insurance coverage.

Indian Health Service promotes its EHR as low-cost solution

The Indian Health Service wants other public-sector health programs to consider its RPMS digital medical record system as a possible low-cost solution.

Incentives for health IT could include home monitoring equipment

A federal working group considers several requirements for patients to use health IT.

Sankaran to leave HHS' Federal Health Architecture

Vish Sankaran, program director for the Federal Health Architecture system, announced his resignation today.

Health reform may cause agencies to beef up IT, report says

A market research firm reports on the IT implications of the health care reform law.

HHS advisory panel considers patient consent framework

An advisory group to the Health and Human Services Department is evaluating a framework for managing patients' consents to share their personal medical information.

HHS panel wants database for health IT safety

An advisory panel wants a new national database to ensure the safe use of electronic health record systems.

Winners and losers under the NHIN Direct project

The Health and Human Services Department's NHIN Direct may cost state health information exchanges a way to make money.

Patients should be partners in EHR systems, HHS panel told

An HHS advisory panel today heard ed recommendations to allow patients input and a central role in their own health data contained in digital record systems.

Who are the Rising Stars?

Nominations for the 2016 Rising Star awards are now being accepted.

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