Health IT

Craigslist founder to work with VA

Craigslist founder will help judge ideas on how to improve the way disability claims are processed for veterans.

Vendors flock to HHS's health information exchange

HHS' Connect software for health information exchange has been distributed to hundreds of organizations that who are starting to use it.

Panel seeks Rx for secure health data exchange

A workgroup hears about the problems in implementing common standards for an electronic health care data exchange.

Disease surveillance through a murky crystal ball

Critics say too many systems are collecting data on disease outbreaks with little coordination among them.

CDC expands flu-tracking efforts

The H1N1 swine flu virus has created an urgent need for public health authorities to track where and how quickly the illness is spreading.

HHS' IG plans audits for some health IT programs

HHS' inspector general will audit several IT systems and programs affected by the economic stimulus law.

Government agencies to spend $15 billion on health IT by 2014

Federal, state and local governments are projected to spend $15 billion in 2014 for the IT systems that support their public health and health insurance programs.

Wireless medical records system comes to Indianapolis

Emergency medical workers in Indianapolis and its suburbs now have access to electronic health records.

HHS faces hurdles on electronic exchange of medical lab results

Medical labs vary widely in how prepared they are to use electronic medical records, according to testimony today.

VA and industry join to develop health record strategy

The VA's CIO has asked an industry group to advise the department on whether to deploy the VistA digital health record system more broadly to private hospitals and providers.

Health IT vendor sets up CDC with free flu tracking network

Health IT vendor Cerner Corp. has set up a national flu tracking network in cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control.

New IT tools to track swine flu

Just in time for flu season, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have begun using new tools to track seasonal and H1N1 flu and educate the public about treatment.

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