Health IT

HHS preparing to award $50M for Health IT Research Center

HHS is preparing to launch its Health IT Research Center devoted to meaningful use of electronic health records under the economic stimulus law.

FEHBP beneficiaries won't face higher health care tax...yet

Pressure from federal employee unions pushed lawmakers to give rank-and-file feds same deal on health excise tax as state/local counterparts.

E-prescribing tools raise reliability concerns

Some e-prescribing systems rely too much on patients to remember details about their medications and are vulnerable to delays when pharmacy networks crash, according to members of an HHS workgroup.

Data-driven health care: Will doctors buy in?

Many doctors are not convinced that data collection leads to better care or that the federal government can help them do their jobs better.

EHRs: HHS walks a tightrope

The department needs to set the bar low enough to get broad adoption and high enough to achieve its goals for improving quality.

Measuring quality

The government's proposed regulation for electronic health records contains 29 quality-oriented measures that eligible doctors and hospitals must implement to qualify for incentive payments.

Military Health System approves strategic plan for IT

The Military Health System released its 2010 to 2015 strategic plan for information technology that focuses on 10 goals.

Grassley suspects health IT may cause medication errors

It seems counter-intuitive, but a Senator believes technology might be adding to health care problems rather than solving them.

National Cancer Institute seeks tools for electronic data management

The National Cancer Institute expects to issue a request for proposals next month to identify a contractor that can expand use of electronic data.

Information therapy measures in rule for electronic health records

The Health and Human Services Department included quality measurements based on a discipline called information therapy in its recent proposed rule for electronic health records.

VA, DOD seek assessment of virtual e-health record vision

The Veterans Affairs and Defense departments are hiring a contractor to analyze if Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record patient data can be successfully exchanged in a community.

Key ingredient missing from e-health records, advisers say

The Health and Human Services Department might have missed an opportunity to improve health care quality by including physician narrative notes within Electronic Health Record systems, according to a federal advisory panel.