Homeland Security

Will Congress clamp down on spies gone wild?

An investigative report sheds light on the massive and massively outsourced federal intelligence apparatus, but prospects for reform are questionable.

DHS told to increase control over border-fence contractors

U.S. Customs and Border Protection must improve how it oversees contractors hired to build an IT-enabled, security fence along the U.S. border with Mexico, an audit finds.

Auditors rap ICE over strategic management missteps

The Homeland Security Department's inspector general tells the Immigrations and Customs and Enforcement to finalize an IT strategic plan and establish a comprehensive agencywide IT budget process.

Widgets, Twitter to fuel FEMA emergency alerts

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has created 11 widgets and 13 Twitter feeds as part of its arsenal of social media tools aimed at disaster preparedness and response.

Bigger threat: National crises or unprepared managers?

More than 90 percent of federal employees believe it is important that they continue working during a national crisis, but a lack of continuity-of-operations coordination and telework eligibility may thwart their efforts.

FEMA's planned disaster game needs pain and death

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is looking for ideas for an online 'Disaster Hero' game. John Breeden II, director of Government Computer News' product lab and an avid gamer, says kids and others will learn more if the game isn't sugarcoated.

SBInet border system likely to be scaled back, replaced by UAVs

The Homeland Security Department's SBInet border surveillance system is likely to be reduced in scope once the first initial 53 miles of construction is completed, the system's chief said today.

TSA now handling watch list checks for all domestic flights

The Transportation Security Administration has finished taking over from airlines the responsibility of screening all passengers that are flying inside the United States against the government's terrorist watch lists, as part of the Secure Flight program.

Texas city tests two-way emergency comm platform

The City of Manor, Texas, is deploying a pilot platform designed to deliver location-specific alerts to residents during a crisis and allow them to send information back to emergency responders via smart phones.

DOD considers shielding private networks

The Defense Department is considering deploying the Einstein network protection systems to private-sector networks to protect the nation's critical infrastructure.

Army apps competition sparks soldiers' ingenuity

The Apps for Army program is the Army’s first internal application development challenge and one of the first for the federal government.

Next steps for continuous network monitoring

Developments reflect the conclusion that agencies must move beyond current Federal Information Security Management Act requirements.

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