Homeland Security

NASA's new FISMA approach and what it means for you

Jerry Davis, NASA's deputy CIO for IT security, discusses his agency's break from the paper-based process used to measure IT security.

Strong passwords: You DO have better ideas!

We asked you for ideas on creating and remembering strong passwords, and the floodgates opened.

Are password rules just bad magic?

We still want your ideas for creating and remembering strong passwords, but at least one security consultant thinks it's the wrong approach. Here's why.

The trouble with truffles, and other airport security tales

In our recent stories on how, and how not, to take a laptop PC through airport security, we asked readers to recount their favorite tales of checkpoint complications. And they responded with gusto.

DOD struggles to define cyber war

The DOD is creating a new Cyber Command to defend the military information infrastructure but still is working to come up with a clear definition of a doctrine for cyber war, says Undersecretary James Miller.

Laptops and TSA inspections: Everybody's got a story

Readers respond to a story about the travails of getting a laptop PC through airport security with a few tales—and opinions—of their own.

TSA's No-fly system tripped up by human factors

The near get-away of Fasai Shahzad stemmed from a process requiring human intervention, according to several news reports.

Big Brother is watching in high definition

The Homeland Security Department is testing out a new 360-degree video surveillance system at Logan International Airport in Boston that is described as offering high-resolution imaging and analytics without the distortion of the typical fisheye lens.

DHS should assess effects of physical border fence, watchdog says

The GAO faulted Customs and Border Protection for spending $2.6 billion on physical fencing and vehicle barriers at the southwestern border without assessing their effectiveness.

Rockefeller calls for public-private action on cybersecurity

Sen. Jay Rockefeller's cybersecurity bill would promote shared responsibility between government and industry.

Senate committee chairman suggests killing the virtual fence

Sen. Joe Lieberman questions the future of the SBInet virtual fence system is a failure.

GAO on board with Secure Flight plans

The Transportation Security Administration has generally achieved all 10 statutory conditions for its program to take over the checking of air travelers against watch lists.

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