Homeland Security

Federal information sharing environment needs work, GAO says

The federal Information-Sharing Environment needs work to bring in more foreign affairs data and intelligence, according to a new GAO report.

Senators argue cybersecurity leadership

With many committees claiming jurisdiction over cybersecurity, little progress has been made on passing comprehensive legislation. Sen. John McCain’s call for a temporary select committee to break the logjam quickly met with resistance.

DHS praises three Internet safety videos

As part of the Homeland Security Department’s Stop.Think.Connect. campaign, the department recognized three groups that produced videos that promote smart Internet safety through public service announcements.

DHS won’t require screening for every US-bound cargo container

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said DHS will delay a requirement that all inbound cargo containers undergo screening at their ports of exit.

Some clearances based on faked screenings, review finds

Some clearance investigators are not actually doing all the work they claim to be, review reveals.

FAA's SWIM program is drowning

Audit finds vital Federal Aviation Administration program flawed.

Texas surrenders to TSA pat-downs

A spat between TSA and Texas legislature has thrust airport pat-downs into the spotlight once again, with the debate pitting personal privacy against national security.

Battle lines drawn about government's role in protecting cyberspace

Should government be involved or hands-off in protecting critical infrastructure? The battle begins.

US wants to store European travelers' personal data for 15 years

A proposed rule has unsettled some European leaders, who are rankled by U.S. efforts to collect information such as travelers' addresses and credit card numbers.

A few things you might not know about Memorial Day

Don't overlook the proper way to honor the fallen.

Sen. Collins warns against cybersecurity 'road map' for US enemies

A key senator says a part of the White House's plan for cybersecurity legislation could expose key infrastructure to attack.

Is your hometown losing anti-terrorism funding?

As part of $170 million in cuts, the Homeland Security Department is withholding anti-terrorism funding to 32 cities.

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