Homeland Security

Telework tool: A DOD innovation goes wide

As legislation requiring agencies to move more aggressively to allow telework comes closer to passage, managers worry about security. A tool the Air Force developed could ease their minds.

DHS gets average grade on public transit info sharing

The Homeland Security Department could do a better job of streamlining the security information flow to public transit agencies, according to a new GAO report.

Panel recommends national disaster database for DOD

A panel created by Congress recommends creating a central federal/defense data depository to track disaster response efforts and nearly 40 other measures to improve how the Defense Department supports civilian authorities for disaster responses.

DHS starts Predator UAV flights in Texas

The Homeland Security Department on Sept. 1 began flying regularly scheduled unmanned Predator aircraft surveillance flights from Corpus Christi, Texas, expanding the department’s total unmanned air surveillance capabilities to the entire Southwest land border.

Five years after Katrina, government IT still feels storm's fury

Five years after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the Gulf Coast, the region continues to rebuild and the federal government is still trying to fix information technology-related problems that the storm and its aftermath exposed.

Social media emerge as digital avenue for emergency response

The public increasingly is turning to Facebook and Twitter for help in emergencies -- and it expects government agencies to be paying attention, according to a new Red Cross survey.

Gena Alexa

Gena Alexa: Securing U.S. land borders

2010 Rising Star winner Gena Alexa led the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, a cross-agency program that uses radio frequency identification, license plate reader and biometrics technologies with Customs and Border Patrol intelligence systems to secure U.S. land borders.

DHS meets most conditions for border systems

The Homeland Security Department has satisfied or partially satisfied 10 of the 11 conditions Congress set on obligating funds for border security systems, fencing and technology in 2010, the GAO says in a new report.

U.S. understanding of cyber war still immature, says former NSA director

Retired General Michael Hayden, former head of the CIA and NSA, said today at the Black Hat Briefings that the U.S. lacks an effective military and political doctrine for conducting and defending itself against cyber war.

FEMA needs to bridge logistics software gaps: IG

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has made progress in logistics, but its Total Asset Visibility logistics information system isn't finished, a new report says.

The 7 people who can restart the Internet

Call them this era's Magnificent Seven. Seven people around the world hold the keys to the Internet, uniquely charged to restart the global network should a terrorist attack, hacking event or other calamity put it out of commission.

Money pit: $3B in cost overruns for Coast Guard's Deepwater procurement

The Coast Guard's Deepwater asset procurement program has seen its costs skyrocket while its performance capabilities degrade, according to a new report from the GAO.

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