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Alan Balutis

Another take on the telework debate

The recent decisions to eliminate telework at major companies show a lack of understanding of the practice's benefits.

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Agencies still struggle with workforce stewardship

New survey finds that leaders fail to wisely manage limited resources.

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USDA offers buyouts to CIO employees

The Agriculture Department is trying to reduce its headcount as its budget tightens.

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Senators challenge administration on layoff advice

The Obama administration's pledge to pay the legal fees of contractors who run into trouble for sequestration-related layoffs might not be legal.

Why branding matters -- even in government

More focus on building and enhancing the employer brand could help agencies find and keep talent.

The long-awaited 'retirement tsunami' has begun

A growing wave of retiring feds is leaving a knowledge gap, and experts fear the next tier of employees may not be ready to step up.

The mobile revolution could transform the next-generation federal workforce

Today's children are tomorrow's workforce -- plugged in, connected and ready for an office without walls. Will the government be ready for them?

Videoconferencing slow to gain ground in government

Videoconferencing technology could save the federal government nearly $13 billion every year, according to at least one estimate, but agencies face hurdles in adopting it.

GAO, OPM:  IT skills gap remains a critical concern

First designated as high risk 11 years ago, human capital management is still on the front burner.

Census falls short on workforce management planning

The bureau could face serious challenges, GAO finds, unless steps are taken to identify and bridge gaps in mission-critical IT occupations.

GAO: Agencies rarely use waiver to bring back retired feds at full pay

Rehired federal employees who draw annuity payments could be paid full salaries as well, despite a rule against it, but agencies are rarely using their waiver power, GAO finds.

Rising Star: Stephen Ander

Stephen Ander, now a consultant at Gallup, developed a plan to improve the Secret Service's hiring process while working there.

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