Management and Workforce

OMB head: Federal workers could face more sacrifices

Feds: Think you've suffered enough? Jacob Lew says you could be in for more pain.

Contractors earn more than feds, survey suggests

Contractor pay rose slowly, and for some jobs it fell, but the average gap is widening between contractors and feds.

Workplace flexibility could expand dramatically soon

Could a management philosophy that shuns traditional ways of thinking about work soon be a reality for the federal workforce?

Teleworkers: Slackers or ethical?

A confluence of events makes telework more attractive than ever -- just in time for a bombshell study to throw a wrench into the effort.

Ineligible to telework? Join the club.

Most feds haven't been told they're eligible to telework OPM survey finds.

Lawmakers take another run at workforce

A new bill to cut the federal workforce is under consideration in the House and Senate.

Outrage over $16 muffins marks heightened scrutiny, experts say

Federal agencies should brace for close auditing of all of their activities as part of the drive to cut government expenses, experts predict.

Trade shows could be off-limits under new rule

The Office of Government Ethics' recently proposed ethics rule is even more restrictive than it first seemed, according to one industry figure.

Can California state managers be trusted to keep teleworkers in line?

Debate starts over accountability for teleworkers.

House passes funding bill, but shutdown still possible

The odds are against a government shutdown, one expert says, but the Senate still could block a resolution.

Feds could have new restrictions on attending conferences

A proposed ethics rule would bar feds from lobbyist-sponsored social events, but it also could inhibit attendance at trade shows and conferences.

Administration would raise feds' retirement contributions

The Obama administration wants a 1.2 percent increase in federal employees' retirement contributions.

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