Management and Workforce

DOD, industry finalize IT personnel exchange

A pilot program will help defense officials build up their workforce's skills to protect and defend.

Top NIST workers to receive modest bonuses

Changes to personnel management system removes minimum bonus requirement.

OPM head warns against 'burrowing in'

Agency leaders should be wary of political appointees trying to make their positions more permanent as the election draws near, John Berry says.

Can you really trust claims about federal pay?

Who earns more, federal employees or their private-sector counterparts? It all depends on whom, and how, you ask.

VA employees to protest position downgrades

VA employees said they've been targeted by unfounded position downgrades and now plan to vent their grievances in upcoming rally.

DHS accelerates cyber workforce development

New initaitive will zero in on efforts to man the cyber frontlines.

Bill with pay freeze extension passes House

A bill whose primary purpose is to fund certain military and VA activites would also extend a freeze on federal pay for certain employees.

White House threatens to strike down bill to extend pay freeze

An appropriations bill that funds military construction and veterans' programs also would add another year to the federal employee pay freeze for some employees.

Is someone compiling information on federal employees?

TSP data breach could be sign of larger threat, some experts believe.

Feds don't always see mobile as cost saver

A poll discovers feds are enthusiastic about mobile technology and believe it will help cut costs -- but not all the time.

Why IT reforms have failed to make much difference

Government IT reforms centered on hot technologies have done little to significantly improve how agencies are delivering services to taxpayers.

New OPM programs smooth the passage to federal careers

An initiative under Obama's hiring reform makes it easier for students to pursue a government career.

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