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White House continues push for access to overseas data

A new legal framework would allow the U.S. government to access data stored abroad by American companies.


Critical Census test to start on schedule, as long as the government doesn't shut down

Despite its unconfirmed budget and the possibility of another shutdown, the Census Bureau is moving ahead with its plans to conduct its critical dress rehearsal on time.

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Regulating, securing IoT market remains a work in progress

From securing personal data to stopping botnets, there's a global race to regulate smart devices. How to do so remains elusive.

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Security clearance process deemed 'high-risk' by GAO

The Government Accountability Office has added the governmentwide security clearance process to its list of government programs most in need of reform.

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Are RFIs a waste of time and money?

Vendors expend valuable resources on market research efforts for agencies, without knowing whether there's a business opportunity in the offing.

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GAO to investigate bot-driven net neutrality comments

The congressional watchdog looks to take on the FCC's electronic filing system and the possible widespread of use bots to flood the system.

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Proposed NAFTA changes could impact federal IT

Shifts in market access agreements could have in impact on government procurement, especially the ability of U.S. firms to compete for Canadian government work.

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House panel probes Meltdown, Spectre embargo

A House committee is investigating whether coordinated research and disclosure embargoes helped or hurt.

Cyber takes on new prominence in shutdown government

Agencies got a sneak preview at the elevated importance cybersecurity programs and personnel can expect to receive during future government shutdowns.

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Do ethics norms still matter in the workforce?

Government ethics experts worry that perceived ethical lapses at top of the administration are influencing everyday feds.

Rep. Gerald Connolly

Connolly doubts full funding deal is possible by Feb. 8

A Democratic supporter of the continuing resolution currently funding the government says that there's too much to do and not enough time to do it before the measure expires.

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New defense strategy sets the tone for an agile cyber force

Defense Secretary James Mattis highlighted cyber force streamlining and tech infrastructure investment as part of an unclassified summary of the national defense strategy.

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