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Is the 25-year-old CFO Act ready for the future?

The CFO Act has solved many of the problems it was intended to fix, but top federal financial managers are often too busy with compliance to deal with higher-level challenges, according to a new report.

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White House offering $100M in grants for IT job training

The Obama administration on Nov. 17 announced new efforts to boost IT-sector employment; 30-40 grants are expected.

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Paris attacks revive 'going dark' concerns

The terrorist attacks in Paris have rekindled a debate in the United States about law enforcement access to end-to-end encryption on mobile devices.

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Administration bows out of classified Hill briefing on OPM hack

A scheduled Capitol Hill briefing on the Office of Personnel Management hack didn't happen because of a dispute over transcription.

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Hurd: Feds' cloud security concerns are overblown

Agencies wary of moving to the cloud should look to the CIA's example, congressman says. And "server-huggers will have an uncomfortable time" in front of Congress.

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Why legacy IT is a government time bomb

Antiquated computer systems based on legacy code are a problem for government not just because they are hard to secure, but because it is hard to find people to run them.

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Next-generation IT governance

CIOs must find ways to nudge mission partners toward smarter investment decisions.

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OPM broke the rules with its breach cleanup contract, says agency watchdog

A forthcoming inspector general report will delve into how the IG says OPM violated procurement regulations with its $20 million post-breach services award to Winvale.

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So many chiefs, so little coordination

The growing number of roles with "chief" in the title are complicating governance and security efforts, especially when they bypass the CIO.

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New Hatch Act rules affect feds on social media, DOT faces cyber audit and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

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IG knocks State's handling of $3.5B contract

A State Department office charged with overseeing a $3.5 billion contract failed to validate certain performance metrics while the department paid incentive fees to contractors on the project, according to a new report.

GAO sounds alarm bells on IRS financial systems

From basic functions to security protections, IRS' financial systems are subpar and threaten the agency's mission, according to a new audit.

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