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DHS ends pursuit of rogue Twitter account

The Department of Homeland Security withdrew a bid to obtain the identities behind an "alt" USCIS Twitter account, in the face legal objections by the social media network.

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What DOD's next CIO will have to deal with

It could be months before the Defense Department has a new CIO, and he or she will face a host of organizational and operational challenges from Day One

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Senators seek GAO probe of hiring-freeze effects

Two senators are urging Congress's investigative arm to probe any adverse effects of President Trump's hiring freeze.

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Chiefs: DOD cyber will suffer under a continuing resolution

In the DOD, cyber, modernization, training, recruiting and readiness will all take a hit if Congress passes another continuing resolution rather than a full budget, say the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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What will it take to make feds happy?

Federal employee global satisfaction scores have risen for consecutive years, but lawmakers still think there's a long way to go in improving workforce engagement, as well as the survey that provides the data.

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10 steps to address the federal hiring freeze

Agency human capital leaders must adjust their performance management plans to reflect the changes President Trump is promising.

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White House says it is keeping deleted presidential tweets

The archivist of the United States reported that the White House plans to save deleted tweets, but notes that the president is the ultimate arbiter of what is and isn't a presidential record.

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Harvard students spin up gov-tech internship

The federal government may be getting a summer tech and data science internship program analogous to those offered by Silicon Valley, thanks to three Harvard undergrads.

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Border wall won't span sea to sea

DHS chief John Kelly paints a clearer picture of the developing border barrier project, which includes a mix of walls, technology and fencing.

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How Trump's management order gives VA 'air cover'

An organizational overhaul is coming to the veterans' agency under the president's executive order on government management.

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DOJ, DHS could do better at sharing terror info

Although the DOJ and DHS are sharing domestic counterterror information, they need to tweak some access and coordination issues, according to a joint oversight report from the agencies' inspectors general.

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Hurd ramps up call for cyber national guard

Congressional watchdogs, as well as industry members and feds, called for a cyber national guard, pooled hiring and reforming educational outreach to address the IT skills shortage.