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Agricultural data is a new cash crop, but who reaps the harvest?

Farmers and businesses need to hash out property rights and privacy issues as big data pervades American agriculture -- especially if they want to avoid regulation by Congress.

CISA passes Senate, Census seeks CIO and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

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Can agencies make the most of FITARA?

At the Executive Leadership Conference, FITARA authors and implementers discussed what it will take to truly put the law into effect.

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Survey shows support, with reservations, for shared services

More organizations are planning to make the leap to shared financial services, but they're not necessarily excited about it -- or confident that they'll see many benefits.

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GSA gets strategic

The humdrum General Services Administration is repositioning itself as a strategic partner for government agencies.

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'If you're slow, then you're in deep, deep trouble'

Federal CIO stresses leadership, speed and next-gen IT.

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Funding IT projects in an era of constrained budgets

With money tight, experts say CIOs need to be creative and collaborative to find funding for new IT projects.

Is the revised A-130 already obsolete?

A new top-level federal IT policy document, years in the making, is out for review. But did it neglect to incorporate lessons learned from big changes in IT management?

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Millennials don't even know what cybersecurity is

Young people are overconfident, unaware and uninterested in pursuing cybersecurity careers, largely because they don't know what it means to be a cybersecurity professional.

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DHS banks on data repository for cyber insurance

Insurance is a market-based way to offset cybersecurity risks in the absence of regulations, but the lack of data and disclosure requirements remains an obstacle to widespread adoption.

BIS dinged on cyber posture by Commerce IG

The Bureau of Industry and Security lacks a full inventory of network-connected devices and isn't doing all it can to protect against cyberattack, according to a new report.

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$37 million in emergency OPM funding left out of CISA

The Senate's information-sharing cybersecurity bill cleared a procedural hurdle Oct. 22, but conspicuously absent from the bill was an amendment for $37 million in funding for the Office of Personnel Management's IT modernization efforts.