The top 50 Schedule 70 contractors

The General Service Administration's Schedule 70 contracts offer agencies an easy route to acquire IT-related products and services, and many vendors and contractors do a brisk business using it. Here are the top 50.

Agile development faces entrenched resistance

Policies and guidance help move agile development along, but agencies are struggling with challenges rooted in cultural issues.

DOD teams with Census Bureau in search of novel solutions to common problems

In an unlikely partnership, DOD and Census are looking for new solutions related to data, mobility and communications.

GSA unravels snag in digitizing contract files

The General Services Administration is working to resolve the management mistakes and unclear priorities that have hampered its digitization effort.

The mobile revolution could transform the next-generation federal workforce

Today's children are tomorrow's workforce -- plugged in, connected and ready for an office without walls. Will the government be ready for them?

The 50 most-mentioned agencies on Twitter

Twitter mentions have become an important measure of prominence and importance -- or notoriety -- for organizations. Find out which government institutions are mentioned most often in our list.

Senate votes to lighten GAO workload

A bill that passed the Senate unanimously would take some reports off the audit agency's docket.

Rising Star: Haley Van Dyck

Haley Van Dyck, a policy analyst at OMB, played a key role in creating the Digital Government Strategy.