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Accelerating digital transformation: the CIO role and why it's important

As the new administration begins to implement its policies, the leadership of the federal CIO and agency CIOs will be critical for delivering better business results and building trust with citizens.

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Improving the citizen experience one phone call at a time

Knowledge-based authentication for call centers is cumbersome and can increase risk of spoofing, but there are tech-based alternatives.

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Who cares if you wear a hoodie or a suit? It’s the mission that matters most

Responding to Steve Kelman's recent blog post, Alan Thomas shares the inside story on 18F's evolution.

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ATO ASAP: Let’s finally fix the security compliance problem

The process federal agencies go through to prove a system is secure may actually be making us less secure. This is a problem that we must fix today, not tomorrow.

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Promoting an innovative workforce through DevSecOps

DevSecOps has the power to set a new standard for the way the DOD -- and the rest of the federal government -- executes work.

SolarWinds fallout makes secure communications a critical first line of defense

Crisis situations like this one can induce the fog-of-war and lead to tradeoffs during remediation. While we may not know the full extent of the damage for some time, as is always the case in an event like this, we need to stop the bleeding. We must not afford the adversary an easy path to more information.

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IoT cyber law signed amid growing vulnerabilities

The passage of the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020 means that NIST will start to address the gap in post-market guidance to help organizations adequately address newly discovered vulnerabilities in devices already on their networks.

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After Solar Winds, it's time for a National Software Security Act

The time has come for Congress to regulate security in the software industry by mandating minimal best practices for software companies selling software products or services in America.

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Developing an agency brand to modernize HR

Agencies can use data to identify and assemble information on candidates' and employees' experiences to better understand how people perceive them as an employer, as well as how to potentially streamline outdated processes.

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What it takes to future-proof federal IT supply chains

We have now advanced past that initial disruption brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, and agencies and organizations should ask themselves: how can we make our supply chains better for the long term, and how do we continue to improve work-from-home security?

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Leveraging emerging technologies to transform the citizen experience

To effectively deliver a 21st century experience, agencies must prioritize modernizing digital call centers with these emerging technologies.

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A post-COVID IT roadmap

It's time to start talking about the next steps we need to take to ensure that our IT infrastructure and tools can continue to support the remote workers, while providing state-of-the-art, timely customer service

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