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From fighting fires to shaping the future: 4 steps to IT modernization

A sense of urgency is important, but agencies must map a clear path forward before rushing in.

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Network neglect is complicating agencies' cloud ambitions

Modernizing and moving to the cloud only works if agencies have the connectivity to take full advantage.

Carpathia offers continuous compliance monitoring tool

7 Steps for getting right with NIST 800-171

The pressure for DOD contractors to bring their systems into compliance is especially strong, but these best practices can help any organization working with federal data.

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GDPR and the compliance conundrum

The General Data Protection Regulation's effects already are being felt far beyond the European Union.

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The future of federal IT leadership

It’s time to confront, not ignore, the changing expectations for CIOs.

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IT modernization: Four ways to pay the tab

The Modernizing Government Technology Act can help bridge the budget gaps, but agencies need other funding sources to fully address decades of “technical debt.”

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The ABCs of PPPs for digital infrastructure

Public-private partnerships are a powerful tool for tackling large, multiyear modernization challenges.

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In defense of DMARC

Clearing up some common misunderstandings about email authentication.

IoT security

Time for more robust IOT oversight

Infosec and privacy concerns are going unaddressed in the internet of things ecosystem, and some government agency has to take the lead.

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Bridging the data divide between IT ops and security

When two critical components of an enterprise don’t talk to each other, the enterprise can collapse.

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Make way for the MGT Act

Three ways federal IT program managers can proactively adapt to change.

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10 tips for agencies looking to address cyber threats

Here's how federal IT teams can better prioritize cyber threats, shift their approach to spending and improve cyber defense.

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