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Data analytics will fuel the future of military readiness

As DOD modernizes, make better use of its vast data stores is essential.

Data analytics

Data behaving badly

Why data veracity is key to ensuring that business insights are reliable.

cloud playbook

It's time to fix our cloud procurement problems

Cloud presents some unique problems for contracting officers, and addressing those ambiguities would pay big dividends.

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The time to modernize government payroll systems is now

The federal government's leading evangelist of shared services explains why it makes sense to bring payroll to the cloud.

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How technical debt makes government software crap, and what we can do about it

It takes a deliberate, concerted effort from experts to carefully untangle all the threads of bad software development practices and return the effort to coherence.

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A silver bullet for budget formulation

As agencies push modernization, they should ditch risky spreadsheets and leverage automation to improve budgeting processes.

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From fighting fires to shaping the future: 4 steps to IT modernization

A sense of urgency is important, but agencies must map a clear path forward before rushing in.

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Network neglect is complicating agencies' cloud ambitions

Modernizing and moving to the cloud only works if agencies have the connectivity to take full advantage.

Carpathia offers continuous compliance monitoring tool

7 Steps for getting right with NIST 800-171

The pressure for DOD contractors to bring their systems into compliance is especially strong, but these best practices can help any organization working with federal data.

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GDPR and the compliance conundrum

The General Data Protection Regulation's effects already are being felt far beyond the European Union.

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The future of federal IT leadership

It’s time to confront, not ignore, the changing expectations for CIOs.

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IT modernization: Four ways to pay the tab

The Modernizing Government Technology Act can help bridge the budget gaps, but agencies need other funding sources to fully address decades of “technical debt.”

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