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Effective acquisition: A key enabler for successful IT modernization

Fostering effective communication goes a long way in driving change needed for IT modernization.

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Why data management matters

New technologies are changing government's approach to data and cloud -- or they should be.

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A necessary plan for managing privacy risk

As a well-engineered blueprint, NIST's privacy framework will provide voluntary guidelines for managing privacy risk, furthering protections and delivering practical tools that still allow for continued U.S. innovation.

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20 years of government going digital

Dan Chenok digs into government's history of IT-driven transformation.

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The challenge of providing a common defense in cyberspace

Government leaders should examine how the private sector addresses massive vulnerabilities and inherent instability through collaboration.

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Agencies' DMARC progress deserves praise

Now it's time for federal contractors to follow suit.

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How AI will change the way government works

By automating mundane administrative tasks, AI creates work experiences that unleash productivity, bringing out the best in human workers.

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How strong networks support IT modernization

CIOs should consider infrastructure improvements to make sure agencies get the most out of IT modernization.

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Barriers to effective insider threat monitoring

IT security and HR shops must align their policies and activities to tackle the threat of data exfiltration.

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How business process reengineering can support performance improvement

Modern use of BPR can create cost savings by focusing on problem definition and clarity of roles and responsibilities vs. people's individual performance -- not by targeting budget or staff cuts.

The road to cyber hell was paved with good intentions

A series of well-intended cloud initiatives have left agencies with unforeseen security challenges, but overcoming them is not hard if you know where to look.

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How does federal CX stack up against the private sector? Not well

The latest rankings find agencies' scores flat -- and still far behind commercial averages.

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