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How government entities can combat cyber threats

Rather than getting to the point of no return, agencies should manage cybersecurity through preventative action, technological excellence, hygiene and training.

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The Federal Data Strategy demands the right infrastructure

The policies are now properly aligned, but successful execution will require structural changes.

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Shifting culture is the best way to reignite public-sector innovation

Agencies that embrace transparency, collaboration and meritocracy as foundational values will have more success adapting to a fast-moving and increasingly ambiguous future.

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6 steps for federal cloud migration success

Meeting the expectations of end users and agency leaders means ensuring applications perform at the same levels or better once they are operating in the cloud.

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How a VC model can help government 'spin in' commercial innovation

Federal agencies should adapt external engagement models from corporate venture capital to take advantage of innovation in the commercial sector.

Data analytics

How to make the Federal Data Strategy succeed

A chief data officer can drive strategy and execution, but a vision where every employee is empowered by data requires leaders at all levels helping to create an environment where the right business and mission processes and business analytic tools become the center piece of decisions.

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Tick tock: NARA's electronic records management deadline is approaching

While agencies have largely passed previous deadlines, this could be the most difficult mandate to date.

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Government needs to get serious about IT modernization

Despite bountiful evidence of wasteful IT spending, Congress has yet to get serious about retiring the nation's antiquated IT.

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5 steps to critical infrastructure collaboration

Two experts explain how to put homeland security front-and-center in today's connected world.

predictive analytics (Elnur/Shutterstock.com)

6 ways for government CDOs to succeed

The government agency chief data officer role comes with nuances, and to ensure success, officials need to be mindful of far more than simply structuring datasets.

CIO (Panchenko Vladimir/Shutterstock.com)

Why CIOs need a seat at the top table

Think of any mission-critical challenge facing any government organization today, and technology is invariably a part of the solution.


What TIC 3.0 means for federal digital transformation

Agencies need a multitenant, cloud-based security stack that’s built to scale up and down to meet their requirements.

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