Evan McDonnell

Tech solutions for the changing acquisition landscape

Business process management software can aid agency acquisition processes, writes Appian's Evan McDonnell.

megaphone image

Acquisition: Bridging the communication gaps

Federal acquisition executives say there's still room for improving communications between contracting officers and program managers, and between government and industry.

Price index graph

A 21st-century approach to democratizing data

The Internet has become a ubiquitous kiosk for posting information. The government’s role in collecting and disseminating data should change accordingly, argue Christopher Lyons and Mark Forman.

Kieran Taylor of Compuware

How cloud can threaten the end-user experience

Several technologies that the government is adopting could wreak havoc on the experience of people trying to use the government's resources.

steve kelman

Kelman: Changes of mind on the GSA scandal

Steve Kelman gauges how his students felt about the GSA conference spending scandal before and then after taking part of a course on management and leadership.

Alan Balutis

Where are the bold ideas for remaking government?

In an era of formidable challenges, America needs formidable, and novel, approaches to address them.

steve kelman

The GSA scandal as a teaching tool

Steve Kelman adapts a GSA case study in the wake of the agency's spending scandal.

Sampriti Ganguli of CEB

How to make your workplace one of the best

If your agency doesn't rank high on the forthcoming list of the best places to work in government, CEB's Sampriti Ganguli has some tips for you.

Van Hitch

Smart government IT can be a catalyst for change

The current budget crisis could be an opportunity for federal CIOs to help their agencies build a smarter, more efficient and more cost-effective government.

Frank McDonough 180

Looking past November to chart GSA’s future

Changes in the contracting landscape over the years suggest a series of questions the General Services Administration’s leaders should be addressing, writes consultant Frank McDonough.

steve kelman

Productivity and the placebo effect

Ongoing studies show that a positive mind-set can have a measurable impact on performance, which offers some tantalizing insights for federal managers, writes columnist Steve Kelman.

Bob Woods

Smart decision-making for poets

Federal managers can simplify a complex decision-making process -- and ensure success -- by anticipating and addressing concerns in four basic areas.

The Fed 100

Nominations for the 2016 Federal 100 Awards are now being accepted. 

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