Smartphone in hand

Agency IT should focus on apps, not devices

The bring-your-own-app craze can actually make life easier for federal IT professionals who are struggling to contain BYOD.

Rising Star 2013

Meet the 2013 Rising Stars

Fifteen individuals who are off to a great start in federal IT.

Steve Goodrich

Why a transformation commission is good for feds

Legislation before Congress could provide vital support for agencies that are struggling to save money while serving the public.

Alan Balutis larger version

5 steps to transforming executive branch management

Alan Balutis is senior director and distinguished fellow at Cisco Systems' Internet Business Solutions Group.

Bejamin Knopf and Kris Van Riper

The key to better IT portfolio management

Federal leaders need to balance their spending on operations and new projects to support strategic IT priorities and budget plans

open eye and data

Sharing goes hand-in-hand with safeguarding

The Open Data Policy promises to make government information more freely available, which means agencies must incorporate security into their strategies.

stylized professionals

The likely decline of the CIO

FITARA's effort to make CIOs political appointees reflects a rift between lawmakers and those who actually run government programs, says Bob Woods.

surveillance camera

Video analytics, facial recognition and justice

The tools for extracting insight from video are rapidly improving, while high-profile cases are showcasing the value.


Agile software: Stand and deliver

Why agile software development techniques are disrupting federal IT for the better

Jeffrey Edgell

The keys to information interoperability

Best practices to help the government overcome obstacles to sharing and achieve information superiority.

Alan Balutis larger version

FITARA: Son of Clinger-Cohen?

The latest attempt at IT reform echoes the IT Management Reform Act, better known as Clinger-Cohen...so watch OMB’s reaction carefully.

Eric Chiu

Why the ‘two-man rule’ is only the beginning

NSA’s new guard against insider threats is a good start but not nearly enough.

FCW in Print

In the latest issue: Looking back on three decades of big stories in federal IT.

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