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Culture and IT modernization

Attempting to modernize without a comprehensive approach that accounts for an agency's culture, engages its workforce and addresses critical business practices can actually create new or additional challenges that limit effectiveness and negatively affect mission outcomes.

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Delivering outcomes, building trust

Few things will derail a project as fast as a lack of focus on mission outcomes and maintaining trust.

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How zero trust solves the 'weakest link' problem

Many government agencies currently have components of zero trust already in their infrastructure, including identity credential and access management and continuous monitoring, so moving to a comprehensive zero trust model would just strengthen what is already there.

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To save billions, let's finally put government forms to work

Reimagining form-based data collection as a shared service could transform many agencies' operations.

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Extend Section 3610 of the CARES Act

Without an extension to the legislation that compensates federal contractors unable to work because of pandemic-related facility closures, more people would lose their jobs, more companies could fold and the government could lose access to highly experienced and skilled members of their workforce who are critical to supporting national security, defense and other federal mission areas.

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Achieving gains in government IT performance with DevSecOps

Defense agencies in particular are embracing the idea of blending development, security and operations from day one.

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How commercial tech supports government COVID response

Governments today must resist the temptation to simply "modernize" outdated or obsolete IT systems or, worse yet, develop custom government off the shelf solutions that rely on open source projects that provide 'zero cost' software, but also bring no guarantees of support.

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4 ways to prepare for Cybersecurity Maturity Model certification

While this compliance may seem challenging, your company can be ready.

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AI's true benefit for government

Productivity projections assume that federal workers and executives are widely empowered to make the most of the new AI tools at their disposal, but at present, this is not the case.

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IT modernization for the COVID era

Crises are clarifying events, and the pandemic is making clear the limits of IT systems built for a different era.

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Digital government: the vital prerequisite to a 'new normal'

As the dust settles and pandemic restrictions ease in the coming months, government agencies have a prime opportunity to shift from a state of reactivity to proactivity.


Staying ahead of threats on government networks

Why securing data and managing cyber risk must now become critical elements in agency ERM frameworks.

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