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Secure and rapid modernization takes innovation from all sides

As the past few months have shown, close collaboration and aggressive sharing of lessons learned can pay big dividends.

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The evolution of TBM for your organization

Buying into a common framework advances objectives that go beyond a single organization and enables an entire system to operate in a more unified way. For governments, this translates to better service for constituents.

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5G: Promise and perils for government agencies

To allow federal agencies to realize 5G's full potential the government must address concerns about 5G and cyber risks.

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Supplier ownership should be considered in assessing supply chain risk

Many vendors lack transparency into their own supply chains. So how can vendors – as well as their government customers — be assured that their sub-tier suppliers do not pose threats or vulnerabilities?

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A new prescription for the EIS transition

The spirit of the EIS program is modernization, but it seems pressure to meet established timelines may be working counter to that goal.

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Fixing a critical vulnerability in our critical infrastructure

Despite its critical importance to our national security and everyday lives, GPS is highly vulnerable to attacks and technical errors that have already caused serious disruptions.

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Best practices for agency implementation of CDM

A seasoned practitioner has some advice on how agencies can optimize their implementations of CDM tools, policies and processes.

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AI success in federal health agencies starts with effective data management

Why data management is key to successfully realizing AI's vast potential to improve productivity, patient care, and public health and safety.

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Why right now is the most challenging time in history for government CIOs

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented CIOs at all levels of government with unprecedented challenges to respond to the critical needs of the country.

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The COVID-19 crisis presents an opportunity to transform the federal workforce

The forced social experiment brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic is compelling the federal government to adapt culturally and technologically at a rapid pace.

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In a crisis, America turns to….COBOL programmers and fax machines

The coronavirus pandemic illustrates how far the federal government and states has to go to support an agile, 21st century public sector workforce.

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The government’s e-marketplace experiment

To serve government buyers, a provider must balance between commercial efficiency and public accountability.

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