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How brokers can help buy tomorrow’s technology today

Federal program managers are awash in data, but lack information. Experts and innovators in the acquisition community can help bridge the gap.

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A better way to manage modernizing funds

Implementing modern procurement technology and best practices is an investment, not an expense, which will deliver returns over time.

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What's driving federal IT in 2019?

Disruptive technologies, customer experience, security are coming to the fore in the federal IT landscape.

Two big lessons learned from CDM

The growth of IoT combined with the increased complexity of network environments has the potential to create a perfect security storm. CDM can help agencies manage this growing complexity at scale.

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The challenge of IA implementation

Leaders tend to overlook the fact that implementing intelligent automation means a full commitment to a digital-first operating model, in which technology is supported by people, and not the other way around.

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Avoid data blindness with strategic IT portfolio management

When IT leaders only have a high-level view into their existing IT landscape and information gathering is ad hoc and time-consuming, the level of risk associated with decision-making is greatly heightened.

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Why user buy-in is the key to blockchain success

An organization can't put a blockchain vision in motion unless employees understand and buy into the impact it will have on them, the entire organization and its business processes

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Why visibility matters

With visibility into networks, CISOs will be able to make smart risk-based decisions about where to implement resources.

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Effective acquisition: A key enabler for successful IT modernization

Fostering effective communication goes a long way in driving change needed for IT modernization.

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Why data management matters

New technologies are changing government's approach to data and cloud -- or they should be.

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A necessary plan for managing privacy risk

As a well-engineered blueprint, NIST's privacy framework will provide voluntary guidelines for managing privacy risk, furthering protections and delivering practical tools that still allow for continued U.S. innovation.

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20 years of government going digital

Dan Chenok digs into government's history of IT-driven transformation.

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