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Why CIOs need a seat at the top table

Think of any mission-critical challenge facing any government organization today, and technology is invariably a part of the solution.


What TIC 3.0 means for federal digital transformation

Agencies need a multitenant, cloud-based security stack that’s built to scale up and down to meet their requirements.

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IT innovation and program risk: Not an inseparable pair

Agencies can increase access to commercial innovation and reduce program risk by ensuring that their modernization strategies encourage a broad spectrum of companies to compete.

CIO (Panchenko Vladimir/Shutterstock.com)

The case for a federal department of IT

Right now responsibility for IT acquisition and cybersecurity policy sprawls over multiple federal departments, with no single accountable leader at the top. Is that a good idea?

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Five myths of change management

Why the federal government needs to fund change management efforts alongside IT modernization.

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How a single update to acquisition law can support cloud adoption

Government desperately needs a better way to buy cloud services. The Section 809 panel's call to create a new contract type for consumption-based solutions is a great start.

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Creating a data-first culture at federal agencies

Agencies need to emphasize the connection between analytics and outcomes.

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The U.S. must lead in artificial intelligence

Despite a promising recent executive order, the U.S. has not created strategy to promote the development of AI in an effort to reap its benefits.

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More than meets AI

Artificial intelligence could help federal employees better focus on their agencies’ core missions, but leadership will must step up to manage that change.

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How executive vacancies hinder IT modernization and cybersecurity

Data from the Federal IT Dashboard and FISMA reports suggests that high-level agency vacancies slow modernization spending and are linked with a higher incidence of security breaches.

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It's time to rethink our approach to cybersecurity training

Cyber reskilling programs may make sense for human resources, but not as a strategy for defending critical networks.

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Are DOD CIOs on the endangered species list?

The Section 809 report offers an opportunity to reflect on the future of federal agency tech leaders, but reports on the impending demise of CIOs at DOD may be exaggerated.

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