Diana Gowen

Comment: Why the 'cloud broker' concept is broken

Does it make sense to establish third-party brokers to purchase services that agencies could buy directly? Diana Gowen says no.

Smartphone in hand

BYOD: Why managing devices is not enough

Federal agencies handle data that must be protected, and they are the targets of a determined subset of attackers, factors that make mobile devices and their data a particular challenge.

Kieran Taylor

Big dip coming for big data, and that's a good thing

If the usual curve holds, big data is about to lose a lot of its luster, but Kieran Taylor explains that its advocates need not worry.

Bob Woods

Who cares about awards anyway?

If you think winning an award is gratifying, try nominating an unsung hero and see how good it feels when he or she wins.

Andrew Ritcheson

Doing more with less?

For health IT and other agency programs, finding ways to turn the catch-phrase into actual action is key.

Alan Balutis

Another take on the telework debate

The recent decisions to eliminate telework at major companies show a lack of understanding of the practice's benefits.

Michael Wright

A new type of traffic jam -- online

As April 15 approaches, the IRS is the latest agency facing online overloads.

John Landwehr smaller size

There is no mobile government without a mobile citizen

For all of the gains agencies are making with employee mobility, it is critical for agencies to keep in mind the use of mobile devices outside of the government too, writes Adobe's John Landwehr.

Kris VanRiper and Chris Cattie

From big data to better decisions

Progressive IT departments are moving beyond big data's hype by focusing on its promise of enabling better decision-making.

Bob Woods

The value of tombstone thinking

It is easy to zero in on the activities that matter when you consider your accomplishments in terms of an epitaph, writes Bob Woods.

Alan Balutis

Removing barriers to government performance improvement

In his State of the Union address, Obama called for a smarter government. Our readers have some ideas about how to get there.

Kris VanRiper and Chris Cattie

How to foster better performance

The traditional view of success focuses on an employee’s ability to complete assignments, but managers need to broaden that view to reflect changes in the workplace, write CEB's Van Riper and Cattie.