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10 steps toward FedRAMP compliance

After June 2014, agencies can use only cloud service providers that are FedRAMP-compliant. Here's what CSPs must do to get there.


FedRAMP and the new normal in cybersecurity

As technology becomes increasingly mobile and personalized, we must take a more collaborative, streamlined approach to security.

US Capitol

Some inconvenient shutdown truths

Do the shutdown politics and Healthcare.gov coverage make your head spin? Alan Balutis offers a reality check.

multifunction printer

The security threat lurking at your printing station

In the rush to secure networks and computers, agencies often overlook the risks inherent in multifunction printers.

Big Data word graphic

3 ways big data is transforming government

The technology of big data is important, but openness and stakeholder input are what really make a difference.


3 questions to ask on every procurement

A federal contractor offers his view of how agencies can streamline the procurement process and get the solutions they need from industry.

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4 goals for fiscal 2014

Not all the news since last October has been bad, but everyone in federal IT just endured 12 straight months of meat-cleaver spending cuts, multiple shutdown threats and the severe restrictions on strategic planning that come with continuing resolutions.


Why the federal government must plan now for mobility

Slow adoption of mobile can create the very risks that agencies have gone slow to avoid, Nolan Jones argues.

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The mobile warfighter: Preparing for deployment

With a comprehensive enterprise mobility management strategy, defense organizations stand to achieve a new level of readiness.

Smartphone in hand

Agency IT should focus on apps, not devices

The bring-your-own-app craze can actually make life easier for federal IT professionals who are struggling to contain BYOD.

Rising Star 2013

Meet the 2013 Rising Stars

Fifteen individuals who are off to a great start in federal IT.

Steve Goodrich

Why a transformation commission is good for feds

Legislation before Congress could provide vital support for agencies that are struggling to save money while serving the public.