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GSA offers 1,000 workers early buyouts

Second round of buyouts went to more than 1,000 workers, most of which are in the agency's headquarters.

Government at high risk of economic espionage

With cyber theft and other crime on the rise, agencies must get aggressive in defense, according to the GAO.

DHS tries to demystify continuous monitoring

Policy attempts to clarify the continuous monitoring concept, part of an effort to improve FISMA.

Jason Zuckerman

How to foster a more ethical culture

Jason Zuckerman talks about the importance of OSC's work and how managers can ensure that federal workplaces adhere to ethical standards.

E-mail monitoring must protect whistleblowers

The Office of Special Counsel reminds agencies not to try to stifle reports of wrongdoing.

IG: DHS needs protection from employees' portable devices

Primarily for consumers, portable devices lack security features needed survive in a government environment.

OMB wants government to be easier to deal with

The goal of regulatory reform is to reduce the burden on private organizations dealing with the government.

Shifting IT expense methods is attractive but challenging

Federal financial professionals are embracing the idea of shifting from capital expenditures, but getting everyone on the same page is a challenge.

VanRoekel: Digital government strategy has 'hit the ground running'

The White House is making progress on realizing its vision of building a technology-savvy, citizen-centric government.

Congress: Do we need all those GAO reports?

GAO and its many reports face renewed scrutiny as budget pressure heats up in Washington.

Press the Green Button for innovation

Green Button not only helps citizens better understand their energy use but it could also spur more innovation, according to Energy Department CTO.

Top NIST workers to receive modest bonuses

Changes to personnel management system removes minimum bonus requirement.

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