Policy and Funding

Can mobility escape the security snare?

Federal mobility efforts are advancing fast, but discussions keep coming back to unresolved security issues. ATF's Rick Holgate suggests that agencies are making progress.

Sequestration clock ticks louder

Congress only has until Jan. 2, 2013, to stop the oncoming train of forced budget cuts.

What the GOP platform means to feds

The Republican party's platform details plans for the federal workforce, including changes to pay and a vision for a smaller government.

New analysis estimates agency-by-agency sequestration cuts

The Professional Services Council has run some numbers on the likely cost of sequestration's first year.

Why the government isn't ready for sequestration

Only months from deadline, federal agencies are as unprepared as ever for massive budget cuts. What's the holdup?

EDITORIAL: Technology meets cultural resistance on ID cards

In the United States, cultural and political opposition to a national identity card is all but insurmountable. Yet the need for a workable solution grows more pressing by the day.

Analysis: Why did EPA delay notifying data breach victims?

Although EPA's six-month delay at informing people involved in a data breach drew criticism, the requirements for notification leave something to be desired.

DOD civilians, not contractors, can expect sequestration’s first punch

More than 100,000 Defense Department employees could lose their jobs to budget cuts early next year, according to a new analysis.

DOD, other agencies now under the microscope on conference costs

A congressional committee makes GSA conference cost the benchmark for potential excessive spending.

Is the government dropping the ball on cybersecurity?

Despite the potential danger of the cyber threat and a rising chorus of voices urging action, the government seems to be making only halting progress. There are several reasons for that, and no easy solutions.

Digital government push fuels BYOD adoption

Agencies considering a policy for employees to bring their own devices now have a toolkit as aid.

Richard Moulds

Risk and reward in the cloud: How to attack security concerns.

A cloud platform solves some problems but introduces new security risks. Richard Moulds provides strategies for addressing them.

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