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DOD's new policy 'likes' social media, but with caveats

DOD is in a race against technology to maintain authority and security amid the explosion of social media.

Review finds flaws with DISA's auditors

Who watches the watchers? At DISA, the IG's office may itself be in need of some oversight.

Alan Balutis

At NOAA, there's gambling at Rick's

NOAA's recently revealed reprogramming of funds should come as a shock to no one, says Alan Balutis.

Lack of clearance reciprocity costs millions, survey shows

Contractors say they could fulfill their duties more efficiently and save the government money if security clearances were accepted more broadly.

Will less federal spending really mean fewer jobs?

Conventional wisdom holds that federal budget cuts lead to less spending on contracts and, therefore, to job declines. Is that really true?

Harder times ahead for federal HR leaders

External pressures make the jobs of chief human capital officers harder, but they aren't ready to give up, according to survey.

Study quantifies coming cuts in federal IT spending

As inevitable budget cuts come nearer, market research firm attempts to predict just where spending will fall the most.

How BYOD is helping one agency ease the pain of budget cuts

A careful analysis led the EEOC to find a few simple adjustments to make up for lost funds. Here's how they did it.

Obama signs Sequestration Transparency Act

A new measure requires the Obama administration to provide to Congress detailed plans for the forced budget cuts that sequestration will bring.

House passes government charge card rules

House lawmakers made some changes to a Senate bill that puts more controls on the use of government charge cards.

Was the EPA data breach a failure of cybersecurity 101?

A malicious e-mail attachment broke through security at the EPA, exposing private information of 8,000 people. Are other agencies any more secure?

Proposed law to shed sunlight on DOD budget

The DOD hasn't been able to conduct a successful audit, but a new bill would turn up the heat.

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