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Census introduces API to make information more accessible

New tool, part of Obama's digital government strategy, allows developers to create custom apps and reach new users.

US not ready for cyberattack, NSA director warns

Legislation, partnership with industry are critical to bolster underpowered U.S. cyber defenses, according to the Cyber Command's chief.

House passes 'red tape' bill

A bill would bar agencies from all significant regulatory action until unemployment falls below 6 percent. But no one can say how long that will take.

Legislator hopes for productive lame-duck session

After the upcoming election, when the citizenry has chosen its new leaders, current lawmakers may finally inch toward compromise on key issues, says Virginia Congressman.

Romney promises VA revamp

The presumptive Republican nominee for president has made reform of the Department of Veterans Affairs part of his campaign.

US faces new uphill battle in cyberspace

Emerging threats from developing nations will pose new dangers to the nation, according to a cyber official.

Lawmakers to consider new compromise cybersecurity bill before defense budget

A new version of the bipartisan Cybersecurity Act of 2012 is expected to be considered ahead of the Senate defense authorization bill, drawing the ire of one powerful senator.

Obama opposes bill to halt regulatory changes

The Obama administration stands opposed to a bill that would freeze changes to regulations until the national unemployment rate improves, but House Republicans are pressing on.

Obama presses Congress on cybersecurity bill

President Obama took to the Wall Street Journal to urge the Senate to pass a cybersecurity bill.

Lieberman re-introduces cybersecurity bill

Revised cybersecurity bill emphasizes sharing of threat information, monitoring and offers more carrots than sticks, GCN reports.

House trims, then passes, DOD spending bill

As lawmakers passed the defense appropriations bill in the late hours of July 19, they put new scrutiny on the department's spending and cut the actual amount appropriated.

Budget cuts, veto risk complicate defense appropriations bill

The House is getting ready to pass the 2013 defense appropriations bill, but the specter of sequestration -- and a possible veto -- loom over the funding plan.

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