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DISA touts SETI for small business contracts

The Systems Engineering, Technology and Innovation contract vehicle is part of DISA's effort to consolidate its IT services and has a $7.5 billion ceiling with separate tracks for large and small businesses.

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FEHRM releases interoperability strategy

The strategy from the Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization program office offers a set of goals that are more about health outcomes and empowering patients that specific technological benchmarks.


DOD releases long-awaited data strategy

The Defense Department's new data strategy takes on ethics, governance and data standards.

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Eliminating acquisition friction

The Office of Federal Procurement Policy is focused on eliminating barriers to faster procurement, said its leader.

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Workforce changes needed to make IC more agile, report says

A new congressional report wants the intelligence community to reform its personnel practices as well as take a few cues from the Defense Department to speed innovation.

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NASA's SEWP sees 40% spending increase in 2020

NASA's governmentwide acquisition contract sees substantial increase in orders for fiscal 2020; COVID impact is unclear.

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IRS modernization still lacks funding

The tax agency is pursuing two modernization plans but lacks funds from Congress to fully implement replacement for 60-year-old systems.

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Lawsuit upends $4B DHS software buy

A push to buy a modernized DHS financial management system is being held up by another court battle, one that threatens to again upend a project that already suffers from a long history of failure.

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Trump pulls the plug on COVID stimulus

The news comes as cities and states continue to shed public-sector jobs and the chief of the Federal Reserve called for a new round of stimulus.

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New small biz GWAC dubbed Polaris

A draft request for proposals for a new small business contract vehicle is expected from the General Services Administration in the coming months.

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Space Force and cyber

Lt. Gen. John Thompson, commander of the Space and Missile Systems Center under the U.S. Space Force, said cybersecurity was increasingly integral to space missions and changes had to be made to infrastructure contracts.

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Army needs to analyze OTA use, watchdog report finds

A GAO report found that the Army needs to do a thorough analysis of its use of rapid acquisition agreements to make contracting practices more uniform.

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