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DHS chief plans changes to terror alert system

Secretary Jeh Johnson is planning modifications to the terrorism alert system to make it more responsive to murkier threats and is considering changes to the K-1 visa program.

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A-130 feedback urges more emphasis on commercial cloud in IT policy revisions

The long-awaited revisions to the federal government's key IT policy document don't include enough emphasis on commercial cloud, according to industry commentators.

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Feds don't need shutdown plans, lawmakers say

Members of Congress do not anticipate a government shutdown even though there are only four legislative days left to come to a bipartisan agreement on a spending bill.

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Transportation bill includes recall tech upgrades

The long-term transportation bill pending in Congress would establish an online database of information on vehicle recalls and facilitate information sharing among critical infrastructure providers in emergencies.

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Presidential Innovation Fellows cost $205 per hour. Are they worth it?

The PIF program, which has injected many innovative thinkers into government, is facing concerns about costs as agencies fork over private sector consultant rates – and the PIFs themselves don't see most of the money.

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'Agile' means different things across DHS

As the Department of Homeland Security moves to more nimble technology acquisition efforts, its various components sometimes have different ideas of what that can mean.

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Carter: Countering Islamic State online is 'very important'

Defense Secretary Ash Carter and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph Dunford see online response as a part of the battle against the Islamic State group.

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The plan outlines ways the agency CIO can better control IT spending -- and delegate when necessary.

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DOD urged to go commercial

The Defense Department is being outpaced in technology development by the commercial side. Advisers say, "If you can't beat them, join them."

Government waste playbook highlights 'fumbles'

A host of IT boondoggles are featured in Sen. James Lankford's debut report on wasteful federal spending.

Federal CIO Tony Scott  (Photo: Robert Severi for FCW)

Can Tony Scott get it all done?

The U.S. CIO has made a mantra of "land the planes" and pushed notable improvements in his first nine months. But the to-do list for 2016 is long indeed.

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The key to successful IT consolidation efforts

Application portfolio management is a vital component of agencies' efforts to do more with less while keeping the focus on achieving their mission.

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