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Civilian-side CMMC

The General Services Administration will add more supply chain and cybersecurity protection language, including DOD's CMMC requirements for vendors, to its new contracts as risks grow, according to one of the agency's top acquisition managers.

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NSA warns contractors on China hacks

The National Security Agency released details on 25 existing vulnerabilities that Chinese state-sponsored threat groups are using to try to penetrate defense industrial base networks.

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NITAAC CIO-SP4 on track

Despite the pandemic, the next iteration of one of National Institute of Health's Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center's governmentwide contracts is steadily progressing.

Solarium Commission looks to boot China from the tech supply chain

The Cyberspace Solarium Commission is looking to shore up security in the information and communications technology (ICT) sector by reducing dependency on suppliers from rival powers, especially China.

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Real-world CMMC

FCW asked two contract lawyers what vendors really need to know about the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program.

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Business groups nationwide complain about diversity training crackdown

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce led a nationwide coalition of trade associations and business groups in a letter opposing the Trump administration's executive order on diversity and inclusion training.

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Spectrum on the battlefield

Managing electromagnetic spectrum will become increasingly important as the Army pushes for large-scale operations across domains.

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FAA presses on anti-UAS testing

The Federal Aviation Administration is advancing testing of anti-drone technology at airports, as federal authorities say rogue unmanned aircraft remain a problem even in the pandemic.

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CBP extends cargo system disaster recovery contract

Customs and Border Protection adds five years to its cloud-based disaster recovery infrastructure-as-a-service contract with IBM.

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DISA touts SETI for small business contracts

The Systems Engineering, Technology and Innovation contract vehicle is part of DISA's effort to consolidate its IT services and has a $7.5 billion ceiling with separate tracks for large and small businesses.

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FEHRM releases interoperability strategy

The strategy from the Federal Electronic Health Record Modernization program office offers a set of goals that are more about health outcomes and empowering patients that specific technological benchmarks.


DOD releases long-awaited data strategy

The Defense Department's new data strategy takes on ethics, governance and data standards.

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