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To save billions, let's finally put government forms to work

Reimagining form-based data collection as a shared service could transform many agencies' operations.

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Engineering hurdles to clear ahead of tech 're-shoring'

The Trump administration has national security concerns when it comes to foreign dominance in microelectronics, but research and engineering advances are needed as a precursor to new policy, a top official said.

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Extend Section 3610 of the CARES Act

Without an extension to the legislation that compensates federal contractors unable to work because of pandemic-related facility closures, more people would lose their jobs, more companies could fold and the government could lose access to highly experienced and skilled members of their workforce who are critical to supporting national security, defense and other federal mission areas.

DOD acquisition chief Ellen Lord briefs the press March 25, 2020. DOD photo.

DOD eyes large COVID payments for contractors

Ellen Lord, the Defense Department's chief buyer, said the organization is considering lump-sum payments for COVID-19 claims rather than negotiating contract-by-contract.

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CBP expects cloud management contract next year

Border agency looks to early next year for cloud integration services contract.

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Lawmakers push for border tech assessment

Legislation would have the Department of Homeland Security assess its border security technologies and consider new ones.

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How commercial tech supports government COVID response

Governments today must resist the temptation to simply "modernize" outdated or obsolete IT systems or, worse yet, develop custom government off the shelf solutions that rely on open source projects that provide 'zero cost' software, but also bring no guarantees of support.

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Speeding up the military's 'kill chain'

The military's need for quick technological development is hamstrung by politics, acquisition, and culture. FCW talks with former Senate staff director Christian Brose about his new book on the future of warfare.

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Army extends software contracts under ITES

The Army's enterprise software office extends a multiple award contract.

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Lawmakers push back on STARS shutoff date

Changes the GSA made to one of its most popular governmentwide small business set-aside acquisition vehicles draws congressional scrutiny.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper listens to a reporter question at an Aug 28, 2019 press conference - photo via video stream

SecDef: 'Murder of George Floyd was a wakeup call'

Defense Secretary Mark Esper said he's heard similar stories from service members across the branches, which spurred DOD to stand up three initiatives to improve diversity and inclusion.

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Lawmakers look to expand FITARA oversight

As agencies improve IT operations, lawmakers want to modernize FITARA scorecard categories.

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