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Can agencies make the most of FITARA?

At the Executive Leadership Conference, FITARA authors and implementers discussed what it will take to truly put the law into effect.

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Survey shows support, with reservations, for shared services

More organizations are planning to make the leap to shared financial services, but they're not necessarily excited about it -- or confident that they'll see many benefits.

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Funding IT projects in an era of constrained budgets

With money tight, experts say CIOs need to be creative and collaborative to find funding for new IT projects.

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NGA releases commercial strategy, OASIS chief heads to White House and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

Is the revised A-130 already obsolete?

A new top-level federal IT policy document, years in the making, is out for review. But did it neglect to incorporate lessons learned from big changes in IT management?

President Obama in the Oval Office (White House Photo)

Obama vetos NDAA, new governance for shared services and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

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OMB rolls out proposed A-130 changes

The Office of Management and Budget's A-130, a 15-year-old computer security guidelines document for federal agencies, is getting a refresh in light of new law and policy.

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No, GPO doesn't have to print your secure IDs

Companies say agencies are losing access to innovation by giving secure credential work to GPO, in an apparent misreading of the law.

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GSA's fast lane is open for business

GSA Advantage Select, a quick way for agencies to order commodity hardware, is up and running, officials say.

Mike Rogers (R-Mich.)

Former House Intel chair: Info sharing could start in 30 days

The former Michigan representative lamented the lack of cybersecurity information sharing, and said if we could put politics aside, the nation would be safer in very short order.

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OMB bars new desktop, laptop contracts

The White House is pushing a plan to restrict the buying of office computers to a few key contracts to keep prices down.

GSA art collection: Flamingo by Alexander Calder.

GSA puts its art collection online, Category management goes big and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.