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Pacific trade deal could mean more work for federal CIOs

The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement's provisions on government procurement would open new supplier markets to federal buyers, but will likely require more due diligence.


18F hacked procurement and got code for $1

GSA's in-house startup tried a reverse auction micro-purchase approach to buying code, and it turned out one techie was willing to work for far cheaper than anyone had imagined.

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Shared services need a clearer road map

The administration's new governance structure is a solid first step, but legislation is still necessary, writes Shared Services Leadership Coalition CEO John Marshall.

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Industry says it's fed up with feds' no hack-back rules

Battered by cyberattacks, the private sector wants to know when the government will take the fight to the adversary -- or at least let companies retaliate on their own.

As GSA's Acquisition Gateway grows, contractors could gain access

The General Services Administration's Acquisition Gateway just turned a year old and has 17 product categories to peruse -- but for now, only if you're a federal employee.

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Pentagon releases cyber acquisition guidance

DOD's acquisition office released guidance late last month for program managers to better address cybersecurity risk during the acquisition process.

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What will Paul Ryan’s speakership mean for federal workers?

Groups representing federal workers worry that Speaker Ryan will back pay freezes for federal workers and steep cuts to federal benefits as part of plans to balance the budget.

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Cyber official: IT rulebook revamp overdue, but not agile enough

DHS’ Gregory Touhill says an update to the government's 15-year-old document governing IT is a good thing, but feds still lag when it comes to getting and using the cybersecurity tools they need.

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IT basically unscathed in revised NDAA

The $5 billion in cuts to a defense policy bill under a budget deal between the White House and Congress would affect only a smattering of IT programs.

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Chaffetz wants to rein in stingrays, GSA hits OASIS milestone and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

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Reservists form 'connective tissue' between DIUX and Silicon Valley

Military reservists might be the key to closer collaboration between Silicon Valley and the Pentagon, according to Raj Shah, an Air Force reservist and senior director of strategy at Palo Alto Networks.

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FAA drone task force moves ahead

The Federal Aviation Administration has named the government and civilian leaders of a task force in charge of coming up with a plan to register recreational drones by Christmas.