Capitol dome under renovation, July 22, 2015

Congress avoids a government shutdown ... for now

House and Senate both approve a measure to maintain funding at fiscal 2015 levels through Dec. 11.

Scott French is vice president of government at Panasonic System Communications Co. of North America.

How will FITARA affect government mobility?

The new law empowers CIOs to fully integrate mobile technology into the federal workplace — and transform employee productivity.

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Shutdown guide, CTO study, US/UK cyber ties and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

Michael Rogers

NSA director fears shutdown effect on employee morale

Even the prospect of another government shutdown has the head of the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command worried that more of his workforce will decamp for the private sector.

GWACs pull in billions on IT orders as fiscal year winds down

NITAAC, SEWP V and other government-wide IT contracting vehicles are doing a booming business as the end of fiscal 2015 looms.

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Will protecting Wi-Fi crowd out innovation?

Industry is pushing back against the prospect of spectrum restrictions as the age-old tradeoff – stability or innovation – looms with mobile connectivity.

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'The Internet of Other People’s Things'

During an impassioned National Telecommunications and Information Administration meeting, lawyers and stakeholders slogged away at a drone-flying guide.

AGA Survey Series - "Accelerating Change: The 2015 Inspector General Survey"

Mounting requirements, shrinking staffs plague IGs

Expanded responsibilities under the Data Act are only going to make things tougher for understaffed IG offices, says a new report.

Trey Hodgkins

A neglected casualty of a government shutdown

It can be tough for contractors to recover from a shutdown, which has broad implications for the effectiveness of agencies' IT operations.

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'We don't have a way to code good guy'

A "magical rainbow unicorn key" for encrypted devices may be what law enforcement wants, but such access could mean bad actors would also have access to data, privacy activists argue.

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Navy NextGen RFI, cyber acquisition and more

News and notes from around the federal IT community.

09/15 FCW Magazine Feature.

Auditors and regulators: Time to hire more IT grunts?

Agency heads, acquisition officers and even CIOs don't need to be hard-core techies. FCW's four-part look at the expertise that's really required to make federal IT run.