Make shared services a shared success

To realize the benefits of shared services, IT leaders must develop a migration strategy that informs participants of their responsibilities and determines the steps involved.

David Cotton, Deputy CIO for Information Enterprise at United States Department of Defense

DOD CIO weighs giving mil branches more leeway on enterprise services

The dialogue between Terry Halvorsen and his advisers on how much control of IT services they want to cede to the military branches and how much they want to retain continues to this day.

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Vendors still have questions as $50B telecom deadline approaches

As the deadline looms for contract proposal submission for its huge telecom contract, GSA looks towards transition

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FITARA: Maintaining momentum

The keys to the law's success are identifying and mitigating the risks to its implementation, especially in light of the upcoming presidential transition.

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Pentagon moves on Windows upgrade

Defense Secretary Ash Carter's office is drafting an "executive action" letter that would help expedite DOD's transition to Windows 10.

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Pentagon seeks more visibility into industry R&D

A proposed rule would require firms undertaking government-reimbursed independent R&D efforts to tell defense officials before doing so, and to share the results of those investments afterward.

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Contracting cases could be held up by Supreme Court uncertainty

Add two key federal contracting lawsuits to the long list of issues that could be complicated by the death of Justice Antonin Scalia.

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DHS rethinks privacy in cyber analytics

The Department of Homeland Security's Privacy Office offers recommendations for basic privacy best practices for in cybersecurity software that uses analytics to track malicious activity on computer networks.

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FBI budget calls for doubling of 'Going Dark' funding

The FBI’s fiscal 2017 request includes $69.3 million to address the challenge that end-to-end encryption and Web anonymity pose to law enforcement -- more than double its request from fiscal 2016.

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Lightweight laptop headed for standard configuration list

A lightweight laptop computer is making its way from the chalkboard to the federal Government-wide Strategic Solutions for Laptops and Desktops list.

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FedRAMP and CDM offer a unified path to security in the cloud

By considering the link between the two programs, agencies can unite the dual demands of improving security and embracing the cloud.

Michael Daniel speaking at the Atlantic Council

White House defends Einstein firewall

A Government Accountability Office audit found flaws in the Einstein intrusion-detection system, but White House cybersecurity coordinator Michael Daniel defended the program.

Who are the Rising Stars?

Nominations for the 2016 Rising Star awards are now being accepted.

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